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Predictions For The X Factor Class of 2010

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by StratusJM, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. But I would like to add that I think John Adeleye seems to be a LOVELY LOVELY man, and I would love him to have a great future in whatever he does.

    -John to form a gospel vocal group that goes to the All State Music Competition and wins with a thrilling display of gospel mixed with rap and Janet Jackson samples, and..

    Ok, yes that's Sister Act 2.
  2. Matt : Good but nothing special. Maybe better than average sells for the first album, the second will be almost ignored.

    Rebecca : A record contract for dance music or nothing. Since she doesn't seem to like dance... Short career if any.

    One Direction : Too many boys bands (JLS, Take That, etc), they will not get a contract.

    Cher : Great voice (but need work), talented, original, she will attract a brilliant team around her. A long and successful career.

    Mary : One album of covers at best.

    Wagner : nothing.

    Katie : She will get signed in 6 to 12 months. On the long run, a pretty successful career.

    All others : Nothing.
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  3. I only care about Matt & Aiden really. I think they both have the potential to be great, so long as the balance is right between "label interference" and "artistry"!

    Cher's just going to be a solo, female N Dubs isn't she...?
  4. Rihanna

    Rihanna Guest

    Cher Lloyd Even though I dont like her she has got a very commerical voice,look and she has got what a lot of people havent stage presence. I think she will be lighting up the charts this time next year, and I expect her first single to either be all sorts of incredible, maybe even a number one. I also think she will crack america with the help of Wil.I.Am + co Cher will deffinetly will be like an Alexandra Burke.

    Matt Cardle He will deffinetly be like a Leona Lewis in music wise, but maybe a Diana Vickers sales wise I think he will get a number one, then he will start to flop like Miss Vickers. At the moment its hit or miss with him he has the potential to be fucking huge, He has deffinetly the best male vocalist that as ever come from X Factor. He needs a song like " The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" I think all of britain will agree with me when I say this..that, that performance was the best vocal performance on X Factor ever!. I'm sure nearlly everyone had goosepumps all over there bodies when Matt sang that!. I really want him to do well and I really want him to be succsessful but I'm not 100% sure yet.

    Rebecca Ferguson I agree with someone who said she will go down the Adele/Duffy route in music But she sounds the same everytime I hear her sing...she hasnt got any versitility... I cant see her selling alot of records at all...Cant see her lasting long at all, [If she gets signed..

    One Direction Erm?...I'm sure these boys will be huge for a while in the UK but they do have a lot of compition with JLS being stronger then ever...Again it could go either way with these but no doubt they will have a couple of number ones under there belt this time next year. I'm pretty sure though that they wont be as succsessful as JLS/Westlife etc. I will be surprised if these dont get signed,.. But there is alot of boybands about...So they may not get SIGNED

    Aiden Grimshaw/Katie Waisell We will deffinetly hear something from both artists soon one will go down the Niki Evans route (Have a single chart outside the top 100 and vanish into thin air, And the other one will be like A Laura White ( have a top 20 songle and work on an album for a couple of years) Katie could indeed be a Diana Vickers this year...Really under the radar..People think she wont get signed/have a career and then shock everyone and come back with a number one single/album.

    I think the most succsessful person will be CHER/MATT -mark my words
  5. Rihanna

    Rihanna Guest

  6. They already have one. They've been in the studio most of this week.
  7. I don't think any of them are going to have Leona, JLS or even Alexandra Burke level of success, to be honest.

    Matt would have been by far and away the most successful had he not won, Syco is going to run his career straight into the ground.

    Rebecca will initially flop because they give her only ballads- on her second album they'll give her dance music, and she'll become a dance diva.

    Cher will probably become the new N-Dubz, successful, but not massive.

    Mary will flop on her ass.

    Wagner will have a novelty hit, he will be playing the bongos in his video.

    Katie will probably have a stint on every reality show known to man, and might try to crack America.

    Aiden will get signed by an independent label and make woefully under appreciated pop music.

    Don't think any of the rest will do much of anything.
  8. They'll so do a cover album, won't they?
  9. So I'm wrong. My opinion is mine.
    Hope they flop :-)
  10. So she'll still be sitting quite high then.
  11. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Louis confirmed that Mary is working on an album with Nigel something.
  12. Xylifrost

    Xylifrost Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Seeing as the new series of the X Factor starts later today I thought it would be good to get a new thread going. We can share opinions aobut the contestants, post pics of any hot looking ones and maybe even submit a few predictions as the weeks go on. Im sure there will be a bit of eye candy as well as some great singing......and hey, maybe if there is a hot guy that doesnt make it onto the live shows, they could perhaps be contacted for a photoshoot

    Look forward to seeing what everyone has to say......
  13. Totally agree! It worked a treat for Olly Murs!
  14. You're the rancid cow!

    Leave the poor girl alone. She isn't on your television any more so you can't even use that as an excuse to complain about her. Unless Youtube forced you to watch that video before you could watch anything else you had no other reason to watch that video other than to complain, just like the Youtube commenters who go around posting on videos of artists they hate just to tell everyone else how much they suck.
  15. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's only The Daily Mail who care about Waissel these days. Media spotlight's on Granny Vogel if anyone.
  16. KAG


    It's interesting reading this thread knowing how everything turned out in the end. Some people were spot on with their predictions but nobody predicted 1D's worldwide dominance.

    I'm surprised Wagner and Katie didn't do any reality shows. Katie's delusion and craziness would've been perfect for Celeb Big Bro. Aah... 2010 was the best.
  17. I predicted 1D being 'fucking massive'! I take back my 'unfortunately' though, as they've turned out to be a fantastic pop machine.
  18. Despite being utterly, incurably shit at being popstars, 1D have really had some great moments.
  19. Ah, hindsight.
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