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Predictions for the X Factor UK 2016 Final 12

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by SecretsOfFatima, Dec 12, 2016.


Who was the best act of the Final 12?

  1. Saara Aalto

    5 vote(s)
  2. Aaara Salto

    2 vote(s)
  1. So, the series is over for another year and we have our bland and mediocre winner, Matt Terry!
    I saw the 2010 version of this thread and it was quite entertaining, so I felt a 2016 one could be even more messy...
    Obviously, you can give a prediction/hope for any or all of the Final 12 - try to keep it somewhat serious, but dragging is allowed


    5 After Midnight
    Four Of Diamonds

    Saara Aalto
    Honey G
    Relley C

    Emily Middlemas
    Sam Lavery
    Gifty Louise

    Matt Terry
    Ryan Lawrie
    Freddy Parker.

    Have fun (if anyone cares)!
  2. The Honey G and Matt Terry singles will both flop. 5AM won't get signed.

    Saara will get signed and we'all all lose our shit over her single/ album, both of which will perform decently if not spectacularly. She'll eventually perform at Eurovision (either for us or Finland).
  3. I feel that they'll get signed for a while, I mean Kieran is fairly strong and the bookends can be autotuned to here and back, it didn't do them too much harm so far. They'll probably be dropped/split rather quickly though.
  4. I think Honey G will make the top 30 with that single and then disappear. Matt could go either way - if they push him down the Sam Smith route, he'll have a decent career, but that won't occur to Syco so he'll go the way of all the other white male winners. Saara will be fine doing her own thing. 5AM won't last the month, Kieran's got his own material lined up and will probably become a C-grade Zayn doing one of next year's Sunday guest slots. Bratavio will do Big Brother and then disappear, though part of me wants Ottavio to turn into the amazing drag queen he has trapped inside him. Freddy will go to music college on Matt's winner's single coin and have a good career writing for more talented people when he's older. Emily and Ryan will each have two albums out which nobody buys, and the rest will never be heard of again.
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  5. 5 After Midnight - They won't be signed
    Four Of Diamonds - Will split
    Bratavio - Celebrity Big Brother if they are desperate

    Saara Aalto - Will be signed, hopefully to a decent label
    Honey G - Her novelty song will flop
    Relley C - Back to her day job

    Emily Middlemas - PA's around Scotland
    Sam Lavery - Back to her day job
    Gifty Louise - Back to her day job

    Matt Terry - Dropped by January 2018
    Ryan Lawrie - PA's around Scotland with Emily
    Freddy Parker - Hang onto Matt for as long as possible.
  6. I think Honey G will do an exclusive interview with a newspaper revealing it was an act in a few months.
  7. Matt (obviously) , Saara , 5AM , Emily will all release there debut albums in late 2017 early 2018.

    Honey G will have a couple of singles.

    I don't see any music careers for the others.
  8. There used to be tons of X-Factor related success stories in the charts but now it seems sort of rare that anyone gets a hit after the show. Fleur was the only one from the 2014 series to have a hit (and has disappeared already) and Louisa the only one from the 2015 series. There was nobody from the 2013 series either. Stereo Kicks, Luke Friend, Reggie and Bollie and I think a few others have all tried to release something and all of them flopped.

    I feel like none of this lot will be particularly successful either. 5AM are probably the only ones with potential but I can see them being given some cheap Aston Merrygold sounding song and they'll flop instantly.
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  9. Giving me PTSD flashbacks..
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  10. 5 After Midnight - fleeting, insubstantial success, like Union J.
    Four Of Diamonds - split by Easter
    Bratavio - popping up in all manner of ITV2 shows until they fall out and sell their stories to the press (again)

    Saara Alto - European pop queen
    Honey G - hopefully a chart run on a par with the Cheeky Girls, but probably a performance slot on BGT followed by Big Brother and a headline-grabbing makeover within a year
    Relley C - featured on a dance track

    Emily Middlemas - moan about feeling oppressed on twitter
    Sam Lavery - stand on the rocks guiding ships to safety with her voice
    Gifty Louise - will release some good music

    Matt Terry - will appear to be doing quite well at first but will sink into obscurity
    Ryan Lawrie - will make Leon Jackson look like Michael Jackson in comparison
    Freddy Parker - will play Helen Daniels in Neighbours: The Musical
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  11. Icon!
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