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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. The supernatural elements always remind me of...

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  2. So I watched this week's episode and it was really good.

    Noel obviously isn't the big bad we're looking for, but it's interesting what was revealed about him. Last week, I had a feeling that one of the liars could be Mary's second child... and I still feel like it's possible. Had suspicions it was Spencer, but that smirk Hanna gave after clocking Noel in the head with a bat/pipe... had me thinking it could be her. Why did I just know Maya's name was going to pop up somewhere in this episode? And I STILL don't trust Paige.
  3. That final "It's over, bitch" from Hanna was the perfect closing moment to the episode.

    As for who the other child of Mary Drake's is..... who knows, there are days it seems like Ali's mom's side of the family has put their kids everywhere.
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  4. It's great to see some of the show's best characters like Noel and Jenna return this year and I'm hoping we see MVPs like Melissa and Wren back too.

    I'm not even going to bother guessing who Mary's second child and AD are because after the whole CeCe/Charles nonsense, I'm not even sure the producers have decided yet.
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  5. It is! It's a bit nerve wracking too, because you just know some of them bring bad news for the liars.

    I can't argue with that second part. Not at all.
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  6. I wish that they would stop ignoring Mona's existence every couple of episodes, and not getting to see any Ali this time was a wee bit disappointing: Sasha Pieterse is an incredible actress.
  7. I feel such sympathy for all the actors involved in this series. It must be crushing when you look back on the work you've done for 7 years and realise about 95% of it is meandering, directionless shit.
  8. The girls and Marlene have just done a video announcing the show will be ending after this season, the final 10 episodes will be aired starting in April and the finale will be 2 hours.
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  9. Just saw the news. It's a little sad, but it's a relief the show will end before it turns too much into a parody of itself. Hoping our faves get cast in something good next year.
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  10. So happy this is ending.
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  11. Amazing mid season finale. Love how that character met their maker.
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  12. I really, really enjoyed that finale. Classic PLL as it was about 30 minutes of filler, followed by 10 final minutes of awesomeness.

    We may have all seen that Mary twist coming a mile away, but its great to have it confirmed now and not dragged out further.

    Sydney was as useless as she was in 5A. Atta gal. I love Paige so much though. Fucking Emison.

    Anyway, 7A was amazing and makes up for the lackluster season 6 as a whole. Waiting until freaking APRIL for our final run is gonna kill me (and the hype, surely?).

    But hey, the end is in sight!
  13. Messy finale, you can just tell the main four can't wait to leave.
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  14. Marlene who writes it is seemingly all about her new show 'Famous In Love' these days too, she shoehorned it into the PLL ending announcement which I thought was really shit of her.
  15. Absolutely positive that Melissa is A.D.
  16. So that's it now, until next year? They really should just end it this year... It's been so messy for so long I've lost the plot.
  17. But the plot isn't over. Everything will connect in the end.
  18. You have much optimism.
    I liked the last ten minutes, though I imagine the only person dying will be Yvonne (hello Spoby, who I despise). I've thought about the whole Spencer being Mary's kid thing for quite a few episodes now. I cannot believe how Noel's death was done, just, wow.
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  19. I started watching this Friday night and I've nearly finished Season 1 already.

    I'm HOOKED.

    Living for the drama/non-drama that happens every week.

    And when Hannah slapped Jenna.. I gasped!

    I'm hoping if I space this out enough I'll be able to finish all the episodes just before it returns in April.
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  20. Finishing by April should be no problem. That show is so addicting.
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