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Pretty Little Liars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. You definitely can finish it in time but be advised the show gets messy as all get out after Season 2. It's honestly all downhill from there, but godspeed.
  2. I'm sticking with it, but I'm gonna go at a fast pace instead. I feel I'm too far in to give up now.

    See you on the other side girls <3
  3. You'll be fine! With most PLL series I've saved all the episodes until a week or so before the finale and then binge-watched them all, and to me it's a much better way of watching it than an episode a week. The twists/red herrings/plot holes etc are so much less annoying when you know they'll be resolved in a day or two rather than having to wait 6 months. Well, as resolved as anything can be in PLL.
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  4. The first 3 seasons are amazing for me, I'm kinda sad this is ending because I remember talking about it like every week with my friends, making theories who is 'A'. But also kinda happy it's ending because they already made it shit enough and I don't see a reason to drag it anymore.
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  5. I think PLL was amazing in every season honestly. The only frustrating part was 5B and 6A, because they dragged out the A reveal for too long and added a lot of filler and irrelevant characters to fill the absence of the old characters that were too busy on other shows. The time jump brought such a new life to the show. It's very reminiscent of season one and two, partly because of the parallels to those older episodes. I still believe Melissa is A.D. and Mona is the killer.
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  6. I'm finally on the last episode and it has been WILD. I hate myself but I've loved every minute of this show.

    And can we just talk about THE DOLLHOUSE OMG HOW GOOD.
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  7. Mona really shone in the dollhouse. It was over-the-top but really well done.
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  8. One more week!
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  9. I'm so ready, but not ready for it.
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  10. I can't wait for this madness to finally be over.
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  11. Amen.
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  12. For the past few seasons I could not tell a person who wasn't a fan of the show what it is about, because the plot is ludicrous, convoluted and frequently makes no sense. It's got to the stage where everyone must be A, in fact I suspect Dan Humphrey will turn up to prove he's secretly A.

    It's all so glorious but so mad. I will feel better when it's reached a conclusion.
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  13. I'm SO curious to see how they wrap all of this.
  14. I am scared to see how they wrap this all up and in only ten episodes, such a scary thought.
  15. I hope that the final ten are all about reveals and not just leaving it to the last episode like Gossip Girl did.
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  16. OK but you know that that's exactly how it'll be.
  17. Last night's episode was such a non event.
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  18. Needed more Jenna. That final scene was fantastic.
  19. I hope they all die.
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  20. I miss Wren. He was very charming. His smile, his accent ...
    (Not sure the last gif is from PLL but who cares)
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