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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. He's back in the last episode.
  2. Connor Walsh stanning for Wren is what gay dreams are made of.
  3. The girls being controlled by the interactive board game is hilariously fantastic.
  4. This episode had me in stiches, especially the ending with Jenna.
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  5. Okay but are the Pretty Little Mothers going to get back together for a drinking session because that's all I really want from this last stretch of episodes if I'm being honest.
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  6. Ali though! I guess a leopard never changes its spots. I'm not complaining, mind. I love bitchy Ali.
  7. Every episode's a non-event, to be honest.

    My guesses for AD as of now: Lucas, Holden with his random re-appearance or Mike, as in Aria's Brother. or Andrew. All of them are so disappointing.
  8. I just want this end already. The Walking Dead and this show are masterclasses in how to drag out plotlines + make your audiences not care.
  9. I lost track of the plot about 4 seasons ago and yet I still don't want it to end. Since I have watched it from the start I always look forward to seeing the girls each season. I'll miss them.
  10. As bad as the 6A reveal, 6B and 7A were, I was genuinely bored and a little embarrassed at the latest episode. That board game though...I just hope they find a way for Wren to finally be AD, that's all I need in these final episodes.
  11. They already confirmed Wren is involved with the reveal of AD... He is not AD. They'll make him a helper due to fanservice.

    AD is Melissa. Y'all are underestimating her.
  12. Remember when Wren got beaten up by Mutya in the 'Freak Like Me' video?
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Having backed a few kickstarters for board games, that boardgame looks like it must have cost the props department more than Hanna's wardrobe. Also love the way the piece for Spencer with the short tartan skirt looks like her in season 2 - even AD wishes the show was what it was a few years ago.
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  15. Wren can wrenck me.
  16. Yes.
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  17. All of the Liars' game pieces represent them from season 1 or earlier (Aria's pink hair and Alison's yellow top). That's a clue in itself who AD is.
  18. I fucking SCREAM @ jenna being apart of the three blind mice.
  19. Is anyone else severely underwhelmed by these last ever episodes so far? It's the final ten, you'd think it would be darker and more to the point but it's so bogged down by random nothing storylines (Hanna's fashion business), melodrama (Addison blackmailing Emily? Really?) and back and forth relationships rather than the meat of the show: the mystery.
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  20. Ehhh, season 6A was the build up to the Charles DiLaurentis reveal and it was 99% filler so I've expected this to be the same. They'll save everything for the finale. It's a pity though, 7A was fire.
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