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Pretty Little Liars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. BBC iplayer having PLL made me happy. I only just discovered they have Ravenswood too, so I can relive the gloriously cheesy horror of it all.
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  3. I honestly have not stopped thinking about this show recently. Truly, the amount of nonsense things that happened.

    And we stayed for 7 seasons through it all? Utter madness.
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  4. The trailer gives me the feeling of it being almost as hokey as Ravenswood, and I feel I will lose several hours of my life to this.
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  5. The only thing that worries me about this entire thing is that it comes from the creator of Riverdale ddd.

    Will definitely be checking it out though!
  6. If they can keep the camp while also improving the overall look of the series and script, then I’m in! The trailer looks alright and the story seems less convoluted than the original.

    My hopes are on HBO Max checking in with their quality control, while leaving the creator to be as messy as he is, kinda like what happened with Gossip Girl, with a much improved cinematography.

  7. The critical acclaim, Ravenswood, Gossip Girl reboot and Perfectionists found rotting.

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  8. Yeah I’ve heard pretty resounding praise from everyone I know who’s seen it. I’m actually excited.
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  9. ...Oh shit, It's supposedly Good? Color me shocked.

    I recently saw a TikTok of a guy who reviews TV shows and he has never seen the original PLL show but he watched the first episode and the final episode just for giggles and was like "Damn how did this show start with a 17 year old girl being in a relationship with her teacher to them getting married at the finale?"
    I really hope this new incarnation avoids the original's penchant for older guys creeping on girls. And all the damn twists and turns really convoluted the whole story after the first couple seasons so hopefully this one will just be good and make enough sense.
  10. Does anyone know if there’s a UK/Ireland streamer who might be picking this up? Would assume Sky/Now since it’s HBO but can’t find anything online.
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  11. I watched a load of the cast interviews and HBO shorts on YouTube for this the other day and came away so hyped. I was always gonna watch it because I am basic but now I cannot wait.
  12. Just watched the first episode. Dropping a c bomb, a brief full frontal shot and this A looking like Mike Myres long lost brother this was bonkers in the absoulte best way. I like how they have taken the story a slighty different route to the orginal and leaning into the thriller/slasher vibe more with just a very sprinkle of camp, easy trash tv in all the best ways
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  13. Yeah the first episode was really entertaining and the ending was camp.
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  14. Oh! It sounds right up on my alley then! Let me indulge.
  15. The various Halloween references

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  16. Three episodes in and I am hooked. The story/mystery is a slow burner but I like that its still the main part of most episodes and we havent had to sit through too many relationships scenes like the orginial. Slowly stanning Faran more and more in every episode.
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  17. I need to Watch this as soon as possible! I hope it’s as camp as the original.
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