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Pretty Little Liars

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mvnl, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Yeah so far this has completely exceeded my expectations.

    Turning it into a slasher was a great call.

    My only gripe is having main characters called Faran and Karen. Why such similar names?
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  2. I’m enjoying it so far and loving the slasher vibe to it.

    My only problem is Bailee Madison. I think her acting is very poor in everything she does. She was terrible in The Fosters and Good Witch and she hasn’t improved in this. It’s her delivery of lines and her attempt at making something sound dramatic that sounds so forced and amateur. Maybe she can settle into this character as we get through the episodes because she has something likeable about her. I almost feel like I’m rooting for her to get better when I’m watching her act.
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  3. I think Bailee has a lot of charm, I like her in this.

    Really great opening episodes, and I adore the horror leaning approach. The influences are all over it in the best possible way. I’ll be devouring this every week.
  4. I thought Bailee was kinda weak in the otherwise great Strangers Prey at Night but I find her much better here. Did I miss it or have they not brought up her baby daddy yet? Anyways this show is a really fun watch so far.
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  5. Loving this! After the so-so Gossip Girl reboot, I wasn't sure how this would turn out but I'm pretty much sold, this is totally my jam ;p Also love Joseph Bishara's score on the opening credits.
  6. Can they please hurry up and arrange a UK broadcaster.
  7. They haven’t brought it up yet. It’s actually quite interesting that they haven’t even tried hinting at who the dad might be. I wonder how long they’ll keep it a secret.
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  8. I’m two episodes in and I’m a bit in love. I had zero desire for this show to exist, but they really took the same formula of the original series and have it a great, creepy, bloody, mature update. All the nods to horror classics are fun, and although you can feel Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s Riverdale claws all over it, I have to remember even that mess had an incredible first season. I hope they actually have a full story mapped out for this one because it will certainly get old after awhile, but for now, I’m just going to enjoy the ride.
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  9. I stopped watching the original series after a few seasons but this is doing it’s job so far.

    Love that the cast is so diverse. There’s some absolute stunners in this group. The one movie lover girl is an Ananda Lewis doppelgänger for us olds.


    They’re clearly setting up that Karen switched with her twin but wouldn’t the parents have noticed right away? The father specifically called her by the twins name. Seems like a silly plot device that they’ll probably carry on way too long.
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  10. Really enjoyed the first 2 episodes, can't wait for the rest.
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  11. This has absolutely no right being as good as it is. I hope they planned a season-long arc rather than hoping for a second season because things are not looking good at HBO Max.
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  12. Finished episode 5 I am loving every second of this. Some of the music choices are so camp Im obessed. Im actually enoying all the side stories to the main mystery and interested to see where they are going. My one worry not sure if this is a spoler but will put it in anyway
    After seeing A kill again at the end of episode 5 this A is clearly someone very big and strong so hopefully they have a believeable character be A and it be someone we have known from the start. They cant take off the mask and A be a 16 year old girl after A was throwing Tyler around the room before killing him
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  13. Haha, I thought the same thing!

    It's surely got to be someone related to Angela Waters, right?
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  14. So have they just forgotten to follow up on what happened to Noa's mum? Also, why did the younger version of Marjorie have a different accent?
  15. I haven't started watching it yet, but out of curiosity - is there any link at all to the previous franchise? Or is it just A that links the two?
  16. The show has largely been its own thing so far and is set in a different town to the other series in the franchise, but they have teased that there will be links popping up soon. In one of the latest episodes, a character found pills prescribed to Caleb, so maybe he'll appear?

    I doubt they'll do a full blown crossover with previous Liars appearing and I don't think that's necessary - this show has done a great job of reinventing the original premise so far and should remain its own thing.
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  17. All 5 episodes have been exceptional thus far, and this has laid the groundwork for a genuinely fun and creepy teen series.

    My one question is about Mouse’s Halloween storyline, which I may have just missed when looking away:
    Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood this, but she chats with people who have lost their own children and spends time with them to make them feel like they have a kid for the time, all in an effort to get over her own trauma regarding… the ‘incident’ of her past that still hasn’t fully been explained? I was just very confused by the entire thing.
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  18. That was my understanding of it too.
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  19. I think I really like the HBO Max approach to dropping series like this. 2/3 episodes a week for a month or so. It’s the perfect blend of standard weekly drops, and multiple episode/binge drops. It keeps viewers engaged and discussion up, while also giving them a lot of content to dissect each week. I know a lot of this is just to lengthen the subscription period, but it works.
  20. Also it allows to have time to watch episodes repeatedly so you can squeeze every drop until the next batch.
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