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PRETTYMUCH - Would You Mind (Simon Cowell's new boyband)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. That’s literally how teenagers dress these days.

    Christ I felt old typing that
  2. Yeah fashion is cyclical and the 90s are in right now. I personally love how they dress and the 90s influence on their music.

    What I don't like is that vhs camera they keep using for their videos. Let's put an end to that.
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  3. I was going to say, walking into an Urban Outditters nowadays just feels like 90s cosplay to the point of parody. That's just what the youths are up to.
  4. I think they are going for authentic but with the way the internet works they would probably have been better putting them into a few writing sessions, or at least paying to sneak them onto some writing credits.

    I had no idea the 90s were back, other than seeing the odd Nirvana shirt on a boyband member the last few years. I guess it makes sense with the current "authenticity" push.
  5. What does a vhs camera have to do with "authenticity"?
  6. Hipster revivalism uses retro technology as a means of conveying a sense of the authentic. I think it ties in with the notion that 'things were better in the old days' or 'vinyl is the best way to listen to music'; the sense of nostalgia for lost technologies. Photographs and tape cassettes seem more real to people than digital platforms, simply because they're tangible items, thus using vintage photography filters gives the subject a sense of authenticity.
  7. I get the arguments people make for film and vinyl but vhs is dead for a reason. Or at least if you're gonna use it at least make the whole thing vhs looking. Don't cut between 4:3 dimensions to widescreen dimensions to snapchat dimensions. That shit's about to give me a seizure.
  8. It looks distinctive and interesting, but I completely agree that it should be used sparingly.
  9. The 90s cosplay is probably the reason I'm so into them dddd
  10. Yeah, they have great songs but are lacking when it comes to videos. This was wayyyyy too similar to "would you mind", which they could have done so much more with. I appreciate the dancing and it's a cool video but it's been done before. I think someone already mentioned it in this thread but they need a video that will make the GP interested and get a feel to who these guys are instead of showing random extras in each shot partying. I know they're just starting out so the budget isn't the highest, but it doesn't have to be like "Everybody" (backstreets back) or WMYB where they're frolicking on the beach. I just think having it where it's only them in the video or demonstrate some type of storyline would be good. The video for "Teacher" worked because it was just the 5 guys showing their individual personalities and didn't leave the viewer so overwhelmed.
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  11. I'm pretty much dressing now like I was dressing when I was 18.

    An 'am dad age wearing Dad jeans which actually are the shape of jeans I was wearing in 1989' timewarp.
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  12. They're a Simon Cowell boyband getting Savan Kotecha/Max Martin tracks and a well produced slot on the X-Factor final. There's a big budget behind them, and this presentation is a deliberate choice.
  13. I actually think they initially spent loads on songs thinking 'easy smash' but now that nothing's happening... sadness soon?
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  14. Edwin said the song will be sent to American radio next month so we'll see if it picks up momentum.
  15. I mean you never think "easy smash" in an industry where something like 80-90% of new major label acts fail. Especially when you know that the other majors all are developing boybands of their own and that the market has historically been winner-take-all or at most a duopoly.

    Syco's been patient with Louisa, and like I said in that thread the labels are all saying they've learned breaking acts (at least the ones that aren't memey one-era wonders) is harder and takes longer in the streaming era. But it's not looking great to be honest.
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  16. Louisa has had 1% of PRETTYMUCH's budget and she has 1/5 maintenance costs.
    Also Louisa is managed independently.
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  17. I don't buy the video... too much going on with very few dance scenes. Love the song tho. I want a full album.
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  18. A timeless icon.
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  19. Their videos are terrible. They're pretty boys who can dance but in line with the "authenticity" trend they're trying way too hard to show off "personality". It's confused direction. Just pick one. (Preferably the more polished route since we're in need of that.)
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  20. Their videos are so frantic, you never get a chance to focus on any of them as individuals which might be why people aren't connecting with them.
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