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PRETTYMUCH - Would You Mind (Simon Cowell's new boyband)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. I am such a sucker for a boyband serving properly executed choreography. The blonde one still feels so out of place visually, but he is a solid dancer.

    Dude in the red is such a QT.
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  2. I really wish they were bigger. Seems like they are stuck and I feel sorry for them.
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  3. I'm sad they remain in the same limbo as so many of my female favs. They deserve so much more.
  4. I actually got to see these guys in concert a few weeks ago and they were great. Serving vocals and excellent choreography. The venue was very small but they sold out each show which is pretty impressive for just starting out. Each show came with a very rushed meet and greet so I got a picture with them and they're overall very nice guys.

    They're opening up for Khalid this summer. I know he's blown up over the past year so they'll get some exposure from that. I really want them to make it big, I have no idea why 'No More' got zero radio play.
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  5. Yikes... they have fans unstanning because they/people they associate with are extremely ignorant and have repeatedly been saying racial slurs. Super disappointing because they're the most talented out of all the new wave of boybands. Being this messy so early in their careers? Simon Cowell needs to have a sit down with them.

    promo/update accounts for them are all writing letters saying they're done with it too.
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  6. I really like their music but most of them do not come across well on social media. Any deets on who said what exactly?
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  7. 'To our fellow BEANZ'
    ...Shut up?
  8. I don't know I think it's kinda cool that the youth of today actually care about this stuff and are holding their faves accountable.

    And these boys can't really afford to lose any fans at this stage so they better smarten up.
  9. Also nobody told you to start a 'PM PROMO CLUB'.
    I bet the 7 people she mentions behind the 'club' are her, her sister, her parents and her 3 hamsters.
  10. Yes. Whether it's a stadium full of fans or one girl on her computer it's still encouraging to see young people prioritise their own self-worth and the worth of minority groups over that of 5 cute boys who don't give a shit about them.
  11. Well this is all rather awkward.

    In the meantime here is some K-Pop.

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  12. They're dropping "10,000 Hours" tomorrow.

  13. Another bop. The production kinda sounds like a song from Kehlani's album. Also they sampled the Shai song they've been covering for a while now.
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  14. 10,000 hours ties with Open Arms on their best song. I can't choose. Their promo team need to get it together! This is the 5th song they've released and although all of them have been bops, they're getting no recognition from the GP.

    10k hours and Open Arms > Would You Mind > No More > Teacher.
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  15. This is a huge bop. They need to stop being messy and promote the hell out of this, it sounds like a smash.
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  16. My bop kings can’t stop delivering.
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  17. That’s because Oak Felder (from the production duo Pop & Oak) produced it (they worked with Kehlani for her last album). Writers credited are Sean Douglas (‘Talk Dirty’, ‘Hey Mama’, ‘Sledgehammer’, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’) and Talay Riley (‘Levels’, ‘Last Dance’, ‘Young Dumb & Broke’, Kelela’s ‘Truth or Dare’).

    So this is the first cut not produced/written by a MXM-or-related member. Interesting.
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  18. Open Arms is one of the best boyband songs in years.
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  19. 10,000 hours music video coming soon. Possible EP coming May 1st.
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