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Primavera 2020

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Wait why did that happen?
  2. LA is going to be in State Historic Park which could be a cute li'l weekend for the Altmericans, but there's a tonne of festivals in California so the lineup will have to be really good to stand out. I honestly can't see where they'd do it in London though.
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  3. Maybe Live Nation is retiring Wireless or Download or and there’s a space. We’ll see. I only wanna attend in Barcelona tho!
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  4. Yeah I can’t see London letting the sets run to 5am
  5. Tea and they'll also have to make the lineup not quite as good as Barcelona so they still get British people flying over to Spain for the main thing ddd.
  6. That’s the thing, we’re already overstaurated with fests in the US. It’s near impossible to make them unique enough to be a draw at this point; even some of the most known ones in LA have been canceled recently.

    As iconic as this year’s Primavera lineup was, I’m not sure it would have done as well in another city.
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  7. Carly, Janelle, Robyn, Peggy Gou, Rosalia, Lizzo were all great. I had a blast! Unfortunately I was ill on Thursday so I missed Empress Of and FKA twigs.

    I've never been to Primavera before so I don't what the crowd used to be like but this year there was a huge queer crowd, and I loved that. It was a bit like when Lovebox used to do 'gay Sundays'.
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  8. A local fest was cancelled last year due to poor sales despite having Janet and Florence headlining. Lykke Li’s inaugural all-female fest at the same park just got pushed back 2 months with Charli off the bill, screwing over people who already booked plane tix. Unless they have some male cis acts in mind, I won’t be surprised if Primavera LA goes through the same struggles to be honest.
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  9. This was hmmm the best weekend of my life probably. Put some videos on my insta – but not of FKA twigs who was out of this world. One of the most ridiculous live sets imaginable.

    Also spotted @Vasilios on screen during Carly!
  10. Extremely late (or early?) to the party, but I'm already planning a holiday in Barcelona + Spain around this next year, but probably on a budget dddddd Any sexy tips and tricks on places to stay (i.e. is Badalona okay), cab fares, things to look out for? Looking forward to it so much, especially since this year seemed like such a blast. I haven't done festivals in a while, and this one seems to be the best combo out there.
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  11. I’ve booked for next year sistren. Despite Pavement being the first announced act, bleurgh.
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  12. Badalona is a bit disconnected to be honest, it's a city next to Barcelona. There's not much to do over there, but if you're planning to just sleep there I guess it's okay, it's close to the area (about 30 min using the subway). If I were you I would consider checking out places to stay in Barcelona - especially closer to the area.

    Getting a cab is an awful experience, it's better to either make a prior reservation (regular cab, Cabify,...) or wait until public transportation is open (subway works all night on Saturday nights, but the closest subway station is super crowded with people leaving the festival). There's now a public bus that takes you to Plaza Catalunya, the city center, so that's a plus.

    You will walk a lot on the festival, the area is huge and some concerts are very far apart. You can get food inside and just bottles of water without tops. It's quite traditional to do "botellón" (drinking on the street outside the festival) before entering the enclosure.

    We have a big pickpocketing problem here in Barcelona, so mind your stuff at all times, both in the city - especially on the subway - and inside the festival.

    And overall enjoy the city, it's quite lovely that time of the year, usually sunny -this year was cold at night, though- and everyone has a fantastic time.
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  13. I'm 99% going next year but scared to book early birds, worried line-up will be Cast, Echobelly and Lush if I do.
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  14. THE ABSOLUTE DECAY if this was the actual lineup.

    I’m not getting mine yet for next year cause I actually I wanna see more acts announced but the early bird sale has got me excited! I’ve been there twice now and it’s one of my faves festivals.

    Less toxic masculinity crowd means more LGBTQIA+ friendly/ally acts please, just like this year’s.
  15. I love this festival but... I think this year's lineup might have just been a perfect storm of cute pop girls and queer friendly artists who were all touring/at festivals at the same time and the bookers struck lucky. I have pretty low expectations that they could pull off a spread like this year's again, teebs. Particularly if they're pushing the 20th anniversary thing, it's going to require some big hitters to sell tickets, and that probably means Big Male Indie Bands.
  16. The festival's director is a bit over the indie scene and he's pretty aware of what's current and who he needs to bring. There will always be the straight white indie scene to make that target of people happy (as they won't stop complaining), but expect more Robyns, Cardis, Carly Raes and even Mileys to come.

    He's also moving heaven and earth to bring Frank Ocean after he cancelled a couple years ago, it's personal now for him to have him back on the lineup.
  17. Who is this hunty btw?
  18. That's Gabi Ruiz, he's a business shark

  19. Many thanks, @sesita <3 Can't wait to visit your city!
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  20. Yeah, it remains to be seen if this year's line-up was a gimmick or will be a permanent policy. Having been to Primavera every year for the last 15 years, I really hope they continue with it, because they managed to make an already amazing festival even better and there was something magical in the air, more than just a celebration of musical diversity.

    Totally here for Pavement though, love them.
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