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Primetime Emmy Awards Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Island, Jul 10, 2016.

  1. I can't stop laughing.
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  2. Game of Thrones received too many nominations today.
  3. So excited about all the love for When They See Us, Veep, Chernobyl, Pose, Schitt's Creek, etc. I would have loved to see D'Arcy Carden get a nod for The Good Place; "Janet(s)" was nominated for Best Writing.

    It was always a long shot, but I also wanted to see some love given to Grey's Anatomy's "Silent All These Years", particularly Khalilah Joi for Guest Actress.
  4. Mandy Moore finally got her nomination!
  5. I’m fine with Game of Thrones as it was a big accomplishment. But I‘m mostly happy about Bodyguard, Pose, Good Place and When They See Us.

    Edit: And Chernobyl and of course Jharrel Jerome. And Sharp Objects. So many good nominations!
  6. I'm going to watch The Emmy's this year for the first time in my life. I'm so happy Mandy Moore is finally being recognized.
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  7. Would love to see Emilia get it amidst all the bullshit that happened to her on the final season. She nailed every scene.
  8. I felt unexpectedly disappointed that Julia Roberts got zilch for Homecoming. That show had its faults but Julia's performance was not one of them.

    Yasssss at Sharp Objects not slipping through the cracks, though!
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  9. Very happy for Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, 20 nominations is nothing short of spectacular.
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  10. Drag Race being nominated for Cinematography and editing for the All Stars season is the biggest LMAO of the century.
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  11. Also very nice surprise for Nailed It! Such a great little show.
  12. How did Richard Madden get snubbed?
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  13. It should've gotten recognized by Emmys much sooner but yas at Bojack Horseman finally getting the best animated series nomination.
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  14. I'm sad that Claws gets ignored for these but glad for Niecy nonetheless!
  15. Is Sharp Objects as good as Big Little Lies?
  16. Did she?

  17. I was very concerned when I didn’t see any Handmaids nods amidst the largely questionable Thrones nominations but it’s just that it’s not eligible in the major categories this year. Here for it sweeping them all next go around.

    Delighted for Mrs Maisel getting more recognition. Same for Sharp Objects.
    It’s certainly better than the second season of BLL. Maybe not the first, though.
  18. It’s very good, a very difficult watch though due to the issues it covers
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  19. Absolutely, it’s mostly even more slow and subtle if you can cope with that, but the pay-off from the acting, atmosphere, script and revel is worth every second of ambience chasing.
  20. YAS @ Vera finally snatching a well deserved Emmy.
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