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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aidan, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Taylor’s battle over her masters and her determination to re-record her back catalogue makes me think of Prince’s determination to get out of his recording contract.
    Although I doubt he’d re-record any of his previous work as he was always working on new music, unless I missed something?
    But yeah there’s no one like him who just kept recording and had already finished his next album by the time the label were releasing his current album. He’s fascinating.
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  2. I’ve been listening to Controversy a lot these past few days, i never paid much attention to it but it is such a brilliant record.
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  3. He did release 1999: The New Master EP (just the title song re-recorded, with remixes - it's not great) and said on one of his various websites he was going to re-record the rest of his albums, but never did (that we know about anyway).

    An article about it:
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  4. It is! Biden talk to Russia before it's too late!
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  5. I'm just hearing Sometimes It Snows in April for the first time and it's beautiful, what a lovely way to finish the Parade album.
  6. One of his very best songs.

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  7. Check out "The Life" on Wendy & Lisa's 1987 debut. It's very similar, and I think derives from the same idea.
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  8. I’ve been hoovering up the Sony vinyl releases as they’re drying up, they’ve really put an effort into these releases, especially Planet Earth, the lenticular sleeve is gorgeous, normally I’ve always considered this album a cheap effort because it came free with my parents newspaper, but seeing it on vinyl with the beautiful sleeve and purple vinyl helps make it feel less cheap, although my copy didn’t come with the hype sticker on annoyingly.
    Musicology and 3121 are also gorgeous.
  9. Sadly I think think that’s the general consensus on Planet Earth. I think giving it away did more harm than good as most people dismissed it as crap because it was free. Not that I’m claiming it was a late career highlight either. But any album that contains Guitar, Chelsea Rodgers and Somewhere Here On Earth is worth a chance.

    I imported the American retail CD with the hologram cover but will be interesting to see if it gets reappraised when it’s eventually rereleased. 20Ten is still shit though.
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  10. Yeah I noticed on Amazon reviews saying “don’t pay for this album, it came free with the mail on Sunday”, so I agree it definitely did more worse than good. But I’m prepared to give it a clean slate and give it a proper shot, I like Guitar, I’m looking forward to hearing the other songs you mentioned.
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  11. There’s a good reason Guitar became a setlist staple.
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  12. I think Guitar and Black sweat are his two late period classics.
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  13. Let me add to the Planet Earth appreciation, in fact I think Musicology-3121-Planet Earth was his last great album run. Giving it away for free was a mistake in the end because it soured his relationship with his then label and people dismissed it as garbage. But at least he had that epic 21 night O2 residency in 2007, I wish I could have gone.
  14. I went to one of the O2 shows in 2007 - it was amazing. It was the second time I saw him live - the first was at Wembley Arena back in 1994 (I think!)
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  15. 21 Nights really was the greatest show on earth.
  16. I really love these three. I bought each second hand and due to their digipack variety, all are a bit damaged so I wish I snagged the repressed CD's. I got them for so cheap as a means to explore latter day Prince though, so I guess it was worth the very little risk!
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  17. Check out Art Official Age and Plectrum Electrum for a nice slice of latter day Prince too, the former has some dated production choices (thanks Joshua) but they make a nice package overall.
  18. HMV had the Art Official Age vinyl in stock on Saturday, knowing it's out of print I snatched it and played it for the first time as soon as I got home. It's a solid album indeed, Breakdown instantly jumped out at me, it's sad that I go into these latter day albums with caution because of how they rank on those worst to best album lists, but this album is a really great listen.
    HMV also had PlectrumElectrum as well but I decided to hold back as I still don't really understand the album, is it a Prince album with a backing band like the Revolution or New Power Generation? Or is it a side project collaboration? I'm beginning to wish I picked this one up now ddd.
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  19. It’s sort of all of those really. The songs are split between Prince and 3rdEyeGirl. 3rdEyeGirl sound great backing Prince and bring a whole new much needed energy after the previous several albums. However the songs where they take the lead are really flat as they have bland voices with zero personality. They did have one good song, Live Out Loud, but sadly it didn’t make the album.
    But PlectrumElectrum is still definitely worth having as the winners hit really high.
  20. I've long said some of his latter-day stuff (post '95) has been cruelly underappreciated. Of course when your back catalogue includes over a decade of top-drawer albums of a generation, you'll not consistently maintain that level. 3121, Musicology, The Chocolate Invasion and Art Official Age are perfect examples of good albums worthy of reappraising.

    PlectrumElectrum was an accompaniment of sorts - the raw and raucous band-based sibling to polished solo effort Art Official Age done with his band at the time 3rdeyegirl. My preference is for polished, but Plectrum has some gems too.
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