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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aidan, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I think you're fabulous too.

    But be warned! I give more in a glance than most people give in a lifetime. To love me is to love the moon, the stars, the sun, and the eclipse that happens every thousand years when the cosmic conjunction is correct!
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  2. They won't be releasing cause of death as expected today. The case is now a sealed criminal investigation.
  3. I thought having my tidal trial would be pointless now I got all his stuff back on my laptop but I didn't realise he actually released a few standalone bits. Only When When We Be Paid (awesome) is on iTunes so I'm assuming I can buy the others off Tidal like I did Lemonade? Let's hope, the live tracks there are insanely good. All from last tour, all piano. Never thought Little Red Corvette mashed with Dirty Mind, on piano, would make me emotional!
  4. I think you can buy it all on Tidal. They'll be releasing more as time progresses. I didn't realize they started adding material from the recent tour.
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  5. It's really hard to find where, I had to consult the FAQ. Hmm. Anyway, yes, they have everything for sale that they have streaming, Prince-wise! Yay.
  6. How am I just hearing I Love U In Me for the first time and why is it so fucking hilarious? Only Prince could make a song about being penetrated sound like a heartwarming ballad.
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  7. Just bought the blu-ray of Purple Rain because my local HMV got a new stock of Prince items.

    It feels different buying a Prince item now. Very bittersweet.
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  8. Yeah, that's how I felt getting the ThirdEyeBlind CD this week.
  9. Is there a reason why 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' was one of his biggest hits, and yet was never included on any compilations that I can see and is not available on iTunes (yes, I know half his catalogue isn't on there)?
  10. Wasn't it released after he changed his name? I suspect the different ownership between his material as Prince and his material as TAFKAP means his later stuff doesn't appear on compilations with his more well-known hits.
    Goes back to what I was saying above regarding there not being a proper career-spanning collection
  11. The last Prince stuff on Warners was posthumously in 1994, and the Come album. Which was just leftovers and outtakes, I think (it had 1958-1993 on the sleeve, too, to make the point "Prince" no longer existed). Most Beautiful Girl was probably the first release under his non-name, and on the NPG label (it may have even qualified for the indie charts?), so it won't ever turn up on Warner-issued Best Ofs. Leaving Warners didn't seem to hurt his sales at first (the Gold Experience went top 5, it's two singles also went Top 20) but the overlap between new self-released material and old Warners cash-ins began to get confusing and probably put people off in the end, when you had stuff like Chaos & Disorder arriving between new TAFKAP albums and then The Vault following the 3CD Emancipation.
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  12. I have a weak spot for "Dinner with Delores" - but it's far too short!
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  13. It's all about Dirty Mind for me today. 'Uptown' is such a forward-thinking track. And you dance to it!
  14. "Black, White, Puerto Rican, everybody's just a freakin'"
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  16. I just realized Jay-Z & Beyonce sample If I Was Your Girlfriend in 03 Bonnie & Clyde.
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  17. Can you not

    It's so clever and gorgeous.
  18. Saw The Gold Experience today and didn't pick it up. Should I? I'm currently exploring his Diamonds & Pearls album (the first one I ever listened to, after listening to his Very Best Of 2001) and I'm digging it.
  19. Ugh, if you don't want it send it to me!
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  20. The Gold Experience is literally gold now.

    Pick it up, guard it with your life and don't let the Goonies come after it.
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