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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aidan, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. I thought Batdance was an unholy mess at the time, I can't lie.
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  2. Speaking of messy, WTF was that Vanity 6 video? It looks like it was filmed in some forgotten corner of Lassiters.
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  3. Me too, mainly because of:
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  4. Since I have a Tidal subscription now (for a month at least) what are the essential albums?
  5. I've never liked Batdance either.

    That mess was a US #1 though and was almost his first UK #1. Mindboggling!
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  6. I'm looking forward to getting his Around The World In A Day album. I didn't even know it existed until about a week ago and I had only ever heard Raspberry Beret before but it sounds right up my street!
  7. Start with 1999, Purple Rain and Sign O The Times but I think the entire run from Dirty Mind to Lovesexy is pretty essential.
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  8. That straight boy coin.
  9. I adore Batdance. Yes, it's a mess and sounds more like a remix, but it totally works for me.
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  10. Basically the first 10 albums if you want his "peak" output. You can kind of skip around from there, depending on how much time you want to invest. His recent albums (3121, Art Official Age) are definitely worth a listen as well.
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  11. Thank you! It's shameful, but the only studio album I've ever heard in its entirety is Love Symbol. And that's not even on Tidal.
  12. If it's great music, I can always find time for it. Thanks for the recommendations.
  13. Ray


    My personal faves are Batman OST, Diamonds and Pearls and Love Symbol, but Purple Rain is essential not just because of the title track, all of it is amazing.
  14. 1999 suffers from terribly boated track lengths. It becomes a bit of a bore in places.
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  15. Around The World... is a strange one. I have an attachment to it because of how it was released (no announcement, no lead single, just on the shelf in Our Price one Monday morning), the glorious artwork (gatefold, amazing paintings and lyrics inside) and Paisley Park's a favourite of mine...but....overall, it's not his best. Certainly the weakest for me of that 1982-1988 era. The three singles and the title track are top drawer, but the rest I find hard to listen to these days.
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  16. The original CD had to leave off one song and edit down a couple of others to fit (before they allowed more than 74 minutes).
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  17. Had this classic on repeat all morning, probably my favourite album track of his
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  18. It's really quite shocking that Warners seemed to get the absolute cream out of him and then he was largely churning out quite bland material. For his first album as a free man Emancipation is mindlessly bland and largely everything that followed until Musicology onwards had no where near as much melody, spunk, heart or energy. I've tried and tried and tried with so many of those albums and they are such hard work. I also cannot with the bland and WORD ART covers he produced from that point on. Dreadful. Especially after the obviously expensive and beautiful LoveSymbol album.

    He set the bar so high for himself. I think the mid 90's must have been a very trying time for him personally and it took a good decade to find his feet again. Gold was his swan song commercially in my eyes.
  19. Just finished listening to Sign O The Times in full for the first time. What. An. Album.

    Bought The Hits 1 & 2 from hmv (wasn't too bothered about paying more for b-sides as a casual fan) thinking that would be enough. Going to try and listen to some more albums before my Tidal trial runs out though. Surprisingly, outside the singles Purple Rain left me cold but Sign has floored me with how good it is.
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  20. Thrilled that you enjoy but miffed that The Beautiful Ones, Darling Nikki and Baby I'm A Star weren't more appealing than Slow Love, Play In The Sunshine & Housequake!
    Purple would fit more into the pop category than Sign which is a much cooler album.
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