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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Aidan, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. RJF


    Every single story I've heard involving Sinead O'Connor has involved her being an asshole.
  2. It is a brilliant and very underrated album. My favourite Prince album cover and "Paisley Park" is an absolute gem!
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  3. Sinead O'Connor is one of the best vocalists alive today, her emotional range is amazing when she's on form…
    Unfortunaltely she is bi-polar and all over the place and very outspoken.
    I love Prince, he's one of my favourite artists of all time.
    So I'm going to just ignore Sinead's latest outburst.
    True artists usually have one foot on "the other side" of the door and I find it's best not to get too interested in their personal lives and just enjoy the music they create.
  4. Prince will be on the cover of Rolling Stone right?
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  5. I'm expecting a special Mojo issue like they did for Bowie.
    Also possibly an Ultimate Music Guide from Uncut Magazine (These are great, they go in depth on every album released and print vintage interviews from each era)
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  6. I need them all.
  7. Yeah, I know print is dead or whatever but I still love the feel of buying a magazine when someone I like is on the cover. I just wish the circumstances weren't so tragic.
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  8. 1000 X's & O's is one of his best tracks in years, stumbled back upon it a few days ago after not listening to it since my initial play of Hit'n'Run, what a gem! Just a perfectly slick written straight forward pop track with some hypnotic production and a stellar vocal arrangement, and to think he was sitting on it since 1992! He is Prince, and shouldn't need a duet, but a female feature on this cold have helped his get a hit late on in his career...
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  9. Now I've actually listened to the two CDs in order, I totally agree with this. If you're not going to go chronological with a greatest hits, at least push the big hits to the front! I went for quantity of songs, at least I can re-arrange the order on my phone how I want.

    I put the Hits 1 on with people round, and it was a bit of a dud, as after When Doves Cry, there's nothing super recognisable until "Let's Go Crazy" all the way down in Track 8 (maybe excepting I Feel For You, bit it's not the well known version). I'm actually quite glad I had the Tidal "Legends" playlist as my first port of call as for a newbie, it's pretty well sequenced (another begrudging point for Tidal).

    I'm going to give Purple Rain another go, as I was a bit distracted as I played it, but I was expecting a lot more. Dare I say it, it did sound a little dated (*runs and hides*). Whereas with Sign I gave it my full attention, which may have affected my perception.
  10. The Rolling Stone interview made me wistful and sad... our little Purple Yoda of funk on vibrations, celibacy and chemtrails. Utterly fascinating and a little bit out of touch.
  11. Purple Rain should come with a 2 drink minimum and is a weekend party record. Sign is more of a morning after the night before record for me. A smoke, a think and maybe some hangover horn sex.
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  12. jsd


    It sounds like mid-80s Prince, which is what it is. Full of booming Linn drums and fat analog synths, that was just the sound of the era. Have you seen the film? It is gloriously 80s-tastic. I just watched a bit of it this weekend. So good.

    I was a teenager during the year of Purple Rain and it was INESCAPABLE. MTV played a video from it every 15 seconds for the entire summer. The film was a smash. He was everywhere. It was all anyone could talk about. I'm sure that clouds my judgement but damn I do love me some Purple Rain.
  13. Michael Jackson must have been fuming Prince had a hit movie first.
  14. Sinead reactivated her Facebook:

    Two words for the DEA investigating where prince got his drugs over the decades.... Arsenio Hall (AKA Prince's and Eddie Murphy's bitch) Anyone imagining prince was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land. Arsenio I've reported you to the Carver County Sherrif's office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie murphy's house. You best get tidying your man cave.
  15. I can well imagine words were exchanged but it sounds a bit embellished to me.
  16. You need to reactivate your reading the last few pages.
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  17. You're a few pages late on that.
  18. Okay, I stuck the Black Album on tonight (thankfully I have it stored with my 1987 albums and not 1994). It's a lot better (or a lot less meh) than I used to think. I always liked Dead On It a lot, and still do. Likewise Rock Hard In A Funky Place ("I hate to see an erection go to waste" made me snort out loud). Bob George is both disturbing and hilarious, sending himself up big-time.

    I think the chronology of me hearing it for the first time back in 1990 threw things a bit, if you think this record was 5 years before the Love Symbol record, and at least a year or so before the NWA brand of hard-hitting, gun-toting rap broke through, it takes on a whole new angle. He sounds ahead of the game, rather than playing catch-up as it felt in the 90s. He's on his own, out front, dazzling with sounds and voices, instead of hiding within a gang like the NPG (unpopular opinion alert, possibly, but I think the NPG was bad for his music and especially his muse).

    I wonder if the music scene of 1987 was ready for a record like that. Especially from Prince, who was very mainstream in terms of popularity and profile. But it's a shame he abandoned that whole aesthetic, the self-produced DIY funk with humour and sharp wit. You can hear elements of the Parade era as well as Sign O The Times throughout the record. It just lacks obvious singles, which was probably not the point anyway.
  19. There were elements of Purple Rain that sounded old-fashioned at the time too, so I wonder if that's what can sound dated now. Otherwise I think one should be aware that Prince can be like other pioneers like Shakespeare and the Beatles in that they can sound clichéd when actually it was they who created those timeless things in the first place. Much of 80s music was just derivatives of Prince, and much development after that was also part of that legacy.

    I have no doubt that Sign o' the Times is a better album than Purple Rain, but it means less to me, and could have had less impact too because its music wasn't as ubiquitous. Being poor I couldn't afford SotT at the times, and could just walk around being jealous of those who did. A couple of years ago there was a short period when you could hear it on my preferred streaming service, and it did live up to expectations the single time I listened through it. I wish I could hear it again, but maybe Prince was right - perhaps I don't deserve it.
  20. It was, and is, literally amazing. I don't think there's another song in the Prince catalogue (that I've heard) which is anything like it. The whole sound, the vibe, the lyrics. I also loved how it brought side 1 of the vinyl to a close.
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