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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Ed Sheeran will get his revenge.
  2. Our local indie station is reporting on the tracklist's accuracy and they gave some additional information about it:

    The tracks have been carefully transferred from the stereo masters at Paisley Park, and mastered by Bernie Grundman — the mastering engineer who worked on the original album. The reissue will also include a concert film recorded in Syracuse on March 30, 1985, with audio remastered by Grundman.

    Disc 1: Purple Rain (2015 Paisley Park Remaster)

    Let’s Go Crazy
    Take Me With U
    The Beautiful Ones
    Computer Blue
    Darling Nikki
    When Doves Cry
    I Would Die 4 U
    Baby I’m a Star
    Purple Rain

    Disc 2: Edits and Extended Mixes

    These tracks were previously released in association with the album’s singles, but many of them have long been out of circulation.

    When Doves Cry (7″ Single Edit) – 3:49
    17 Days (7″ B-Side Edit) – 3:58
    Let’s Go Crazy (7″ Single Edit) – 3:49
    Erotic City (Let’s Go Crazy 7″ B-Side Edit) – 3:57
    Purple Rain (7″ Single Edit) – 4:08
    God (Purple Rain 7″ B-Side) – 4:04
    God (Love Theme From Purple Rain) (U.K. 12″ B-Side) – 7:59
    Another Lonely Christmas (I Would Die 4 U 7″ B-Side Edit) – 4:56
    I Would Die 4 U (7″ Single Edit) – 2:59
    Baby I’m a Star (Take Me With U 7″ B-Side Edit) – 2:52
    Take Me With U (7″ Single Edit) – 3:43
    Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) – 7:36
    Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) (Extended Version) – 7:25
    Another Lonely Christmas (Original Extended Version) – 6:52
    I Would Die 4 U (Extended Tour Rehearsal Version) – 10:20

    Disc 3: From the Vault

    The Dance Electric – 11:29
    This song is best-known from André Cymone’s 1985 recording; Prince also occasionally performed it live.

    Love & Sex – 5:00
    A previously unreleased song from the Purple Rain sessions.

    Computer Blue (Hallway Speech Version) – 12:18
    A previously unreleased version of this track, including a section known as the “hallway speech” because it refers to a metaphorical passage through hallways marked “lust” and “fear.”

    Velvet Kitty Cat – 2:42
    A previously unreleased recording.

    Katrina’s Paper Dolls – 3:30
    A demo version of this song has circulated, but this finished master has never before been heard.

    We Can Fuck – 10:17
    This song was released on Graffiti Bridge as a George Clinton collaboration called “We Can Funk.” This earlier version has never before circulated at its full ten-minute length.

    Electric Intercourse (Studio Version) – 4:57
    Live versions of this song have circulated, but this studio recording has never before been heard — and was not even previously known to exist.

    Our Destiny/Roadhouse Garden – 6:25
    These two songs, connected by a segue, have been performed live.

    Possessed – 7:56
    This song was widely performed live, and a 1984 recording has been circulated; this is an earlier, never-before-heard 1983 Prince solo version.

    Wonderful Ass – 6:24
    A previously unreleased collaboration with Wendy and Lisa.

    Father’s Song – 5:30
    One of the holy grails of Prince’s Vault, this piano piece co-written by Prince and his father is heard briefly in the film. It’s previously been heard only in an abbreviated version taken from the film — never before at its full length.
  3. I'm all about that Disc 2
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  4. It's a year since music lost some of its sparkle. RIP Prince.
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  5. Time flies so fast, is it silly no?

    RIP little genius.
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  6. The whole city was purple last night, and I think it'll be purple for the rest of the weekend. Also a double rainbow appeared again, same as last year when he passed.

    Might have to check out some of the celebrations going on around the city.
  7. Some of those track lengths are giving me the fear but overall it's a fantastic set. I hope it's all true.
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  8. Fear of what?
  9. Just 'The Fear'. Some of them are loooong. Disc 2 is definitely where it's at.
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  10. I always preferred the long versions of his songs. I just get lost in them. Speaking of, I'm sad they aren't including the extended "17 Days" on this set.
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  11. Ray


    I am not even a huge fan of Purple Rain, but I want discs 2, 3 and the live ones so much.
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  12. It still doesn't feel real to me. My boyfriend and I put on Sign o' the Times last weekend and it felt like nothing else in the world mattered.
  13. I watched the Sign O' the Times film a couple weeks ago and it's really beautifully shot

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  14. I can't believe it's been a year.
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  15. I can't believe how fresh 1999 still sounds from front to back.

    Like imagine having 1999 being arguably your second best album. He did that.
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  16. Little Red Corvette off 1999 always leads me into the track he did with Stevie Nicks. It has the best la la la's.
  17. Many would even say third or fourth.
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  18. I'm paying my tribute listening to Sign O' The Times, the only LP I've heard from him thus far. Most of it is incredibly amazing: the intrigue and sensuality of the lyrics, the magnitude of his performance, the uncontrollable groove. The undeniable highlights for me are the title track and If I Was Your Girlfriend. I was wondering, though, how do you lot usually rank his albums?
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  19. Holy shit, it's a year today?

    I feels like it's been... a month.
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  20. He has twelve albums that I'd consider range from great to immaculate. There's no other artist that touches him by sheer wealth of content worth hearing.
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