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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Any love for Princess Nokia (formerly Wavy Spice)?

    EDIT: these days she goes by Destiny. Now back to Princess Nokia.

    Her debut mixtape, Metallic Butterfly, has been out for a while, but I only found out about it today. She worked on it with OWWWLS, who produced Azealia Banks' Atlantis. I love it. Yes, it is extremely hipster-ish and internet-based (and internet-inspired!), but it's good, and quite poppy, actually. Very much in line with the likes of FKA twigs and SZA. Maybe a little bit more "urban".

    From i-D:

    Here's the video for Cybiko from the mixtape:


    You can grab Metallic Butterfly for free here.
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  2. Re: Princess Nokia - Metallic Butterfly (Debut Mixtape)

    Yes! I loved Wavy Spice back when Versace Hottie was released and I like this newer sound too. She sounds so much like Azealia sometimes.
  3. Re: Princess Nokia - Metallic Butterfly (Debut Mixtape)

    I was kinda disappointed with it especially since Bitch I'm Posh and Versace Hottie are what made me like her and didn't really hear anything like that on this release, so I haven't really given it a full shot yet.
  4. Re: Princess Nokia - Metallic Butterfly (Debut Mixtape)

    Yeah, the newer stuff isn't "rap". I'd say the closest to the Wavy Spice sound is probably Cybiko.
  5. Re: Princess Nokia - Metallic Butterfly (Debut Mixtape)

    I quite like this, where can we obtain this? It isn't on Spotify.
  6. 'Nokia' music video just dropped and it's great:

    One of her best songs!

    And she's also uploaded a brand new song called 'Anomaly'. It's sounds a bit like something Martina Topley-Bird would've sung on a Tricky album. It's amazing. Very, very good.

    Plus she looks hot these days.
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  7. I'm glad she gave us a free download cause I can't stand when smaller acts put music up but give us no way to obtain it!
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  8. I really like the 'Nokia' video, and I've enjoyed what she's put out this year, but she has yet to top 'Bitch , I'm Posh' for me. There was something really effortless and funny about that song, plus the production was/is incredible.
  9. I only just noticed that she's singing "konnichiwa, me llamo Nokia y me gusta Pokémon" in the chorus. I assumed it was just gibberish. Amazing. I love her so fucking much.
  10. Wait, I'm just now hearing 'Anomaly'. I really like it a lot. I love tthat really 90's-esque drum loop.
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  11. Alright, so Princess Nokia is no more and now she's going by her birthname, Destiny. This also means she has switched up her style and sound once again. This time it's less eletronic/hip-hop and more Toro y Moi/Dev Hynes/Solange. She's already put out two new songs + music videos. This one's just dropped and it's great:

    EDIT: she deleted it, but here it is anyway:

    I love her. Every style she tries, she does it very, very well. This whole straight out the 70s looks totally suits her. Anyone else here for this?
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  12. Alright. So Princess Nokia is back:

    At this point I'm just talking to myself over here, but it's totally worth checking out.
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  13. Is there really no Princess Nokia thread?

    Anyway 1992deluxe out today!
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  14. This new rap phase of hers seems to be her most popular yet (outside of Popjustice, obviously), but I liked her Metallic Butterfly sound better. Y'all were sleeping then. And y'all still sleeping now?
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  15. What an important video, and what an important message. This is not for me, this is not for (the vast majority of) us, just like Lemonade wasn't, just like A Seat At The Table wasn't, but it's tremendously important, and it's so humbling to witness.
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  16. Kitana is my jam. I really like this record.
  17. QUEEN

    (She threw the soup)
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  18. Got into her from the Afro-Latino Festival last year.

    She's the real fucking thing.
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