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PRISTIN. (Pledis Girlz)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jan 7, 2017.

    prismatic (bright and clear) + elastin (flawless strength)

    L-R: Nayoung, Sungyeon, Yebin, Kyla, Siyeon, Pinky, Minkyung, Eunwoo, Yewon & Kyungwon.

    This 10 member girl group hails from Pledis Entertainment, home to After School, Orange Caramel, NU'EST, Seventeen and the former homes of Kahi, Son Dambi and Hello Venus. Originally called 'Pledis Girlz', seven of the girls were first seen on reality musical survival show Produce 101. Nayoung and Pinky ended up winning a place in the final group, I.O.I who went on to release three mini albums in 2016 and disbanding in January 2017. Sungyeon has also attracted a lot of attention from being a participant in the survival singing show Girl Spirit. The girls received a lot of attention on the show for having a unique dynamic and since then, Pristin has been busy building up its fan base. They have already hosted two tours as 'Pledis Girls' and at their 2017 'Bye & Hi' concert they announced their group name.

    Pristin (then as 'Pledis Girlz') released a 'pre-debut' single entitled 'We' which was composed by Eunwoo and Sungyeon and written by Minkyung, Eunwoo, Sungyeon, and Siyeon.

    The girls are planning on debuting early 2017 and have begun their 'Debut Project' which involves them performing covers of popular songs: Adore U, Catch Me If You Can. For their 2017 'Bye & Hi' concert, they recorded and stream it via Facebook live.

    More information to be included at it is released.​
  2. Ready to stan for Stone Rapgod Nayoung's Unpretty Rapstar 4 win that elevates them to mid-tier if nothing else

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  3. Nayoung made the mistake of revealing she does actually have a personality, just a very dull one. She's over.
  4. [​IMG]

    But seriously Kyla looks great - the rap sub-unit is going to be fiyah.
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  5. I'm ready to stan for these girls like I did with After School. Nayoung's ideal idol is Uee and Pinky's is Nana.
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  6. Can we appreciate their cover of 'Adore U' for one moment? They absolutely annihilated SEVENTEEN. I really hope their choreography for their debut is on par.

  7. Which one will become Raina aka lines & spotlight hoarder/root of all evil?
  8. Sungyeon for sure!
  9. 10 girls!?? I could never! this is too much!
  10. He


    I'm having such a hard time finding Yebin in all of their performances.

    Bring back the bob!
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  11. Pinky, Nayoung and one of the "main vocals" need to be the new Orange Caramel.

    Thanks in advance.
  12. He


    I'd put Eunwoo and take out Nayoung, she is the farthest possible from the Orange Caramel vibe.
  13. It's less about a vibe and more about my favorites.
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  14. He


    Haha, then I call for Yebin!

    What should we name their Orange Caramel-like subunit?
  15. I'm waiting for an After School song that isn't Bang! That Shampoo/Flashback medley would be amazing.
  16. Predictable but I love it.
  17. I hope the Denim isn't too repetitive. Why did they give Yebin a stage name!? RENA?! I also can't at her looking like Nana.
  18. He


  19. I'm probably going to resent them the way I did when Red Velvet started sucking all of SM's promotional won away from f(x) then eventually learn to love them. I miss OC and Afterschool was one of the most underrated girl groups ever. Would love a comeback from either of them....

    Life moves on in KPop ... very quickly, too...
  20. What the fuck is a Xiyeon? What does Pledis have against proper romanization? Why wreak havoc on her existing fandom like this?

    I am really glad Kyulkyung gets to keep her beautiful name though. Pinky just doesn't suit her at all.
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