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PRISTIN. (Pledis Girlz)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jan 7, 2017.

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    Was Pinky ever called Pinky in Korea? I never got it from P101.
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  2. Nah she went by Kyulkyung.
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    When was she ever called Pinky? I mean I call her Pinky but only because the subtitles said so, and everyone else online for that matter.
  4. She was never called Pinky in Korea. I think it was just a cute English nickname she chose when she didn't know any better (like a lot of Asian kids that I know who choose a dumb sounding name like Aqua and Cherry when they first move abroad and regret it afterwards) and as soon as it became known international fans started calling her that.

    Also...I just noticed Yebin's new name. Mess.
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    The worst.
  6. How ridiculous... but I am SO PERCHED!!!!
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    Scream at the melody concept photo.
  8. Wee Woo?
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  9. They all look soooo good. I'm excited.
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  10. I feel an immediate affinity with you, Girl with Queen Choker, if only because you seem to be Junghwa's basement twin sister.
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  11. Also yath bass guitar that keeps going BOM, BOM, BOM, BOM BA DA DOM (bur nurp) I see you.
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  12. So I'm obsessed with them. I actually really like 'Wee Woo', I can't see why it's getting so much hate on here. Also Xiyeon is my bias even though I completely missed her in Produce 101. They remind me of TWICE (who I also love) but I don't know if they'll be able to overtake them.

    Their debut stages for M Countdown:

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  13. I remember someone saying in another thread that Wee Woo would sneak up on me like Rookie did. That was scarily accurate.
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  14. So their album sold 12.000 copies , which is pretty good for a debut album.
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  15. That's not true.
  16. How did the album/single chart?
  17. The album peaked at #4 on Gaon chart and #10 on US world. Wee Woo peaked at #52 on the Gaon singles chart.
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  18. Still not true. They did another one today.
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  20. Annyeong
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