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PRISTIN. (Pledis Girlz)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Blayke, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. Xiyeon, sweetie, I'm so sorry...
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  2. He


    I sad what I said.gif

    Never cared for Xiyeon.
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  3. I can't help but wonder how far ahead they'd be if Pristin V was the debut group instead of a subunit. They're so good.
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  4. Was We Like not particularly popular by people on here? I rediscovered it yesterday and now I can't stop listening to it.
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  5. Same, but like last week. Those Ariana-esque adlibs from Sungyeon at the end just get me.
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  6. Kyulkyung is in China so Pristin V are currently "promoting" as a 4-piece.

    Spotlight in particular is interesting considering its so heavy on Kyulkyung's vocals.
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  7. Meanwhile... Kyulkyung is performing Get It as solo artist in China.

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    Scream, poor Pristin.

    A star, though.
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  10. oh wow did the wheels fall off for Pristin faster than After School and Pledis-era Hello Venus?
  11. I don't think so. They have Pinky over in China doing her thing which I see as a positive, garnering more international interest in her therefore hopes for the group (despite unlikely). She's a regular member on some Chinese variety and was the dance coach for the Chinese adaptation of Produce 101. Unfortunately it's only hindering her reputation in Korea for some odd reason. Pristin V's style of music is more After School to me and I hope if anything, they keep Pristin V afloat. PRISTIN need to have a comeback at some point in time because it's almost been a year (I think) since 'We Like'. They also have Kyla on some ridiculous starvation diet because they think she's too fat.

    The lack of Pristin news is concerning though.
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  12. This girl going solo.. They're really never coming back I cannot.

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  13. Pledis probably doesn't know how to confront the bad press they'll get from international fans when it's made obvious Kyla was forced out the group.
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  14. He


    Just make Pristin V the main group.

    Also, I would've thought they would push Pinky in China as a solo act.
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  15. Annyeong
  16. Seeing them (and other groups) mishandled is really frustrating. Like all that money and time they spend training pre-debut for all these misfires once they actually debut. Mess!
  17. I thought it couldn't get worse after Nu'est and then they ousted a pre-teen girl for having triglycerides.

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  18. Pristin is dead. It was all but confirmed when Kyulkyung was set to star in that Chinese film.

    A rookie group with no substantial following being on hiatus for two years is just...not a thing. Especially for a company like Pledis that isn't swimming in money.
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  19. I'm still curious as to what exactly happened, though.

    They pretty much vanished after Kyla needed some time off, although it's totally not uncommon for groups to promote with a member down. (I mean, EXID was a fourpiece for how long already?)
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  20. I blame Edward Avila.
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