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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. More rumored contestants:
    Yoojin (CLC)
    Chanmi (AOA)
    MinYoung (Mnet and JYP's Sixteen)
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  3. Japanese legend Ariyoshi Risa needs to join in this one. Her time is here.
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  4. Wondering who the National producer representative will be!
  5. He


    This was made for BoA, considering they need to pander to both Koreans and Japanese. I'm intrigued who will be this time around. TVXQ, 2PM?
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  6. I thought the Japanese girls were all from the AKB franchise?
  7. Can we hope for a SNSD or Kara member... ?
  8. At first I thought you were talking as a contestant and I was so confused dddddddd
    I could see a SNSD member chosen as a National producer representative teebs. Seohyun would be great or Sooyoung? I think she has experience hosting. A KARA member, hmmm not so sure.
  9. Certainly not Tiffany.
  10. Park Gyuri for National Producer Representative! I can't wait to watch her tell all of the contestants how much prettier she is than them.

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  11. Kara Youngji for national producer.
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  14. I'm carefully starting considering to come back to P101 after giving up after episode 2 of Season 2.
    In need of a good concept but with good contestants too.
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  15. Another random trailer.
    Half of it is Daniel Kang and I'm not complaining.

    Premiere on June 15th.
  16. Soyu is the new vocal coach.

    And it seems like AOA's Chanmi is really going to participate in this. What an embarrassment.
  17. How come?
  18. Going from a Tier 2 girl group with high digital sales to a survival show is a bit embarrassing. Then again most people only know Choa, Seolhyun, Mina and Jimin from AOA and they haven't had a comeback since Choa left so... I guess that's not the worst thing Chanmi do.
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  19. I think getting girls who have already debuted is going to be common this season.

    If you look at the Japanese side, none of the girls are actually trainees per se.

    Kashiwagi Yuki debuted in AKB back in 2006. She's been in the business longer than SNSD.
    Matsui Jurina (debuted in 2008) and Miyawaki Sakura (2011) are basically the biggest names in the 48 fandom, both going head to head this year in AKB's election.

    So... yeah.
    The counterpart in South Korea is going to be girls already known, or you're going to end up with a very unbalanced cast.

    Get those LOONA gorls, Mnet!
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