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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. One of the supposed BlackPink girls, Jinny, seems to be in the show.
    After School's Kaeun is also rumored to be part of this.
  2. That tweet is so dumb, if that's really her then it's probably the best thing Pledis has ever done for her career nn
    I hope she's on the show.
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  3. Can Kaeun live up to the pressure and hype Mnet will put on her for being from a semi-succesful but highly respected girl group + fluent Japanese speaker though?

    She's infinitely more likeable than someone like Chanmi but I couldn't bare to see Kaeun getting lost in the mix of the fresh young 18-20 year olds.
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  4. I am not sure who he is so I don't know if this is a great news or not.
  5. He's daddy af so it's definitely good news. I really think Jang Geun-Seok was perfect host for the show though. A perfect encapsulation of what an absurd spectacle the whole thing was.

    As a BoA stan (and Wanna One hater) I like the pretend season 2 never happened.
  6. This is already causing a bit of a ruckus in the AKB fandom.

    Sakura (rumoured to be the center in the first performance) was supposed to go back to Japan for a 2-shot event but she was kept in Korea. The rest of the girls did come back for the event.

    Her choice? Mnet forcing her?
    Whatever it is, it's a very important period in the AKB year with the general election 8 weeks away and it might cost her votes.
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  7. He


    AKB48 have elections?
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  8. Oh, yeah. It's their biggest event.

    Every 48 group is divided in teams that perform in their respective theatres.
    AKB48 has teams A, K, B, 4 and 8 (and trainees).
    SKE48 has S, KII and E (and trainees).
    NMB48 has N, M and BII (and trainees).
    HKT48 has H, KIV and TII (and trainees).
    NGT48 has NIII and G (and trainees).
    STU48 only has trainees for now

    Every time they release a single, the management decides the lineup picking from all the teams, so some girls might have appeared in every single they've released while others are simply relegated to the b-sides.

    The fans complained back in the day and management gave them the choice of selecting themselves the senbatsu (line-up) for one AKB single a year (AKB is considered the ALL STAR of the franchise, and they use girls from all the other groups for their releases, while the sister groups are more independent).

    To vote, the fans just have to buy the single previous to the election, use the code that comes inside in their website and vote for their fave.

    It's obviously not a real election because people can vote as many times as they want (or their wallet allows), but it's turned into a real cash grabber for the group. One of the election singles sold 2.5 millions.
    The results are announced live in stadiums these days:

    Two months later, AKB releases a single and the positions are what the fans decided in the election.

    At the beginning it was just the main a-side and b-side (two songs), but these days they form 5 units of 16 girls each, so they announce the Top 80 in the event.
    Since the whole 48 franchise has over 300 girls, being in the top third of that is already an achievement.
    Getting into the Top 16 (senbatsu) is even greater.

    This year is basically a battle between Jurina and Sakura, both in Produce 48.
    And while Jurina is doing her usual thing of crying live on Instagram, Sakura has been... away, a lot.
    The single comes out in a bit over a month and the committees are basically organising their purchases now.

    If some fans feel Sakura is neglecting their Japanese fanbase, they might refuse to vote for her and that might cost her.

    The election single this year, btw, is very Kpop influenced.
    Probably because of Produce itself:

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  9. ddd I deleted my post because your post explains it a lot better than that website.
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  10. Hahahaha, no need for that!
    I thought of linking that, but I guessed explaining the "why" would help.
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    This show has messed up Korea, now it's gonna mess up Japan.
  12. He


    Oh my God, that is ridiculously complicated and fascinating. Thank you for taking the time.

    More importantly, why is the other top girls always crying on instagram?
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  13. It is ridiculously addictive as well.

    Always is a bit an exaggeration, but she's always had issues due to overworking herself.

    She's the last first generation member of SKE, which turns 10 years old in 2018, and... she's off to Korea?
    Her schedule seems to be so packed her body has been acting up, making her miss a couple of handshake events.

    She posted a couple of tweets thanking everyone for their support...

    ... the next day she flies to Korea again!

    She then did a live (not on IG, but Showroom, ma bad) and well


    She says those are happy tears because the election is being held in Nagoya (SKE's hometown) on SKE's 10th anniversary year and she then remembers what she's learn about other members who have graduated.

    Which sounds nice, but she probably got air of the backlash coming from fans against this Produce 48 idea.

    She can't say herself she's in the show and explain her situation (there is still no official confirmation about any of the girls, except for Sakura, all we have is airport pictures), so all she can do is... cry and say how much she loves her city and her group? Who knows.
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  14. He


    So Japan is already boycotting the show... Nice.
  15. The contestants are made up of 48 girls from Japan, and 48 girls from Korea.
    Korean viewers can only vote for Japanese trainees.
    Japanese viewers can only vote for Korean trainees.
    The final group will be made up of 12 members; 6 Koreans and 6 Japanese.
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  16. I hope Heo Chanmi tries out again.
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  17. It's mostly the AKB fans and the coincidence of the filming falling in the middle of election time.

    Japan is all over the moon with Twice and the like, so the geepee should eat this up.

    The latest reports from handshake events is that some of the Japanese girls are not quite happy with it.
    They are missing gigs in Japan to be there filming, and some have insinuated they had no intention of applying but were forced by their management.

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  18. He


    I mean, the AKB project sounds like a condensed k-pop industry, or vice-versa... I'm guessing the girls don't have much input. Especially if they are subject to rankings and popularity national voting.

    Do they at least make more money than k-pop idols?
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  19. Yes and no.

    They are, basically, a theatre troupe:

    Performing in the theatre is what the group is based on, everything else is an extra.

    The difference is that, while in Kpop, the idols rehearse hidden in some dungeon until they are all synchronised, in Japan it's all about the girls being raw (even bad) and see them improve with time.
    The trainees have their own performances in the theatre (usually, they have the most, since the others are more popular and thus having jobs outside), so the whole drama of being a trainee that we see in Korea isn't as big in AKB.

    On the money, Japan is quite secretive when it comes to that.
    I know they all got like a base salary and then get extra stuff depending on modelling gigs, acting jobs, CMs, etc.

    The more the management pushes you, the more chances the companies will see you're popular and want to use you.
    The higher you get in the election, the more chances management gives you (unless you're a member they clearly don't like), so... yeah, the election is important but basically only the Top 16 gets anything out of it.
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