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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Also, you guys know there's also a Chinese version of Produe 101, right?
    They just revealed their Pick Me and it's... different!

    Episode 1:
  2. We’ve posted about it in the variety show thread, the general thread and the Chinese Pop thread dddddd
    Thanks for the link to episode 1!
  3. ñññññññ I really need to check more threads then !
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  4. The new K-pop influenced single of AKB:

    Wouldn't be surprised if we saw a performance of it on the show.
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  6. We'll have the first performance today.


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  7. They just performed on M Countdown.


    The song was just released in both Japanese and Korean.
  8. Oh my god this song is better than I could've ever imagined... At the moment I think I stan the Japanese version a bit more.

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  10. Someone slide into my PMs with a link to the season so far, please.
  11. Ok this fucking KNOCKS yasssss

    NOT enough Kaeun in that performance though. I won’t rest until she’s guaranteed to make the final group
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  12. Rooting for Kaeun but I just know I'm gonna stan the new Sohye when she's finally introduced. I can't wait for the mess.

    I hope I can follow this season of Produce 101 with y'all dddddd.
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  13. My girl looks so bright and happy. You deserve this queen. You really do.

    The moment the screen split between Kaeun and Sakura was low-key iconic.
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  14. I'm seething at Sakura being this popular.

    She's easily one of the most annoying girls among the 48G. Ugg!
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  15. This Sakura girl reminds me of Oh My Girl's Binnie.
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  17. Pick Me 3 was produced by Flow Blow (i.e. Energetic, Never). No wonder it's very good.
    I don't know much about AKB48. The ones Im a bit familiar with are SNH48 and MNL48. What's up with Sakura?
  18. She just seems fake to me.

    For a while she was making herself look as if she wasn't good doing sports (AKB has a Sports Festival as well lol) and she made her teams lose just to get attention.

    Another time she got confused between her Twitter accounts and laughed at a co-member and then tried to make it look as if her account had been hacked.

    More here.

    I don't like the tone of the article and the last two bits are fabrications since nobody has heard/seen that, but still, it's all I could find in English.

    Sure, she's cute and all, but I never understood how she got popular.
    I guess that's all it takes.
  19. Dddd this group is a scream. They seem to do everything beside the music.

    I'm jealous of their fans.
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