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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. They have slowed down a lot in terms of releases and concerts since they aren't as popular as they were during the 2010-2013 era, but it's still a lot.

    In 2017 alone they released...

    AKB: 1 album + 4 singles (41 new songs)
    SKE: 1 album + 1 single (13 new songs)
    NMB: 1 album + 1 single (11 new songs)
    HKT: 1 album + 2 singles (17 new songs)
    NGT: 2 singles (12 new songs)
    STU: - (debuted in January '18)

    For a whooping total of 94 songs that nobody has the time to listen to.

    And that's not counting the rival groups (Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46) that churn out their own share.

    Hence why another of their yearly events is the Request Hour, where the fans vote for their favourite songs and the (usually) Top 100 is performed in 4 concerts in 2 days.

  2. I love how calculative she is. Consider her my fave now!
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  3. Wait - that AKB48 girl not only talked shit about her band member over twitter but then feigned being hacked as an excuse by..... facerolling/typing as if a cat walked over her keyboard because that's what she thinks a hacker would do? SCREAM. I'm stanning now too, we love a messy, manipulative kween.

    Love the new song, I think I like the Japanese version better though.
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  4. Yikes.
    I guess unearthing old news was expected (that concert was back in... 2016?).

    The rising sun flag is used widely in Japan.
    It’s mainly associated with the navy overseas, because the army would arrive waving it a cause havoc.

    The song they performed with Tank-chan was Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai, which means “We shall not fight”.
    So... yeah.

    It’s a bop, btw
  5. I think I prefer the Japanese version of Pick Me.

    It just seems to flow better for me.
  6. I am screaming at the fact that one of the Produce48 girls is dancing to RuPaul in her introduction video

    SCREAM she’s ex-JYPE and was a contestant in Sixteen.
  7. Playgirlz when Kaeun showed up as Korean P48 center:
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  8. So much drama over this show already and it hasn't even begun airing ddd

    My favorite "controversy" has to be this one girl getting hate from Wanna One stans because apparently no one is allowed to wink at the camera except for Park Ji Hoon?

    Matsui Jurina having to apologize on social media for "trying too hard" in the Pick Me video is also a kii.
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  9. The song is on Spotify in both Korean and Japanese.
    I wish there was a version combining both like in the performance.

    Also, ddddd at the AKB girls trying to be all cute while the Koreans are all about fierceness.
    Such different approaches.

    Kojimako seems to be getting some buzz due to her good Korean:

    And I really hope my oshi makes it far. She deserves the world:
  10. I can't wait for Sakura and Jurina's videos.
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  11. Oh has this started already? I was meaning to watch it.

    Which well known video sharing site has the upload with English subtitles?
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  12. You still have until mid June to prepare yourself for the mess this show is destined to be.

    Meanwhile, I'm still floored by how good Nekkoya is. My favorite version of Pick Me by far, which is saying alot since I adore the original and Nayana.
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  13. Our reptilian queen (Taylor who?) Miyawaki Sakura's intro is here!

    Screaming at how little effort she apparently put into this, especially compared to Matsui Jurina who's so earnest and extra ddd

    I honestly hate this show so much for making me stan AKB48 ññññ
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  14. Jurina won based on the outfit reveal alone.
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  15. ICON.

    Until she dabbed.
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  16. Why Jurina even waste time on this when she is like one of the most popular members in Japan? She was third in last year senbatsu election.
  17. This will affect Sakura and Jurina's votes in the general elections right? I think this could have been better if those who joined were the lower-ranking AKB/HKT/SKE girls.
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  18. The thing is that the the first Produce 48 episode airs on June 15... when the election is on June 16 (and the voting starts on May 29th).
    I wouldn't be surprised if AKS (AKB's management) pulled some strings to delay the show as to not affect the outcome too much.

    All the influence Produce might have on the election is going to be from the Nekkoya performance and these videos.

    Still, the 48G girls that appear on the show are obviously getting a bigger push.

    They already have individual videos showcasing what they can (or cannot...) do:

    ... and that's already more than what they do for the actual election, which is a video...

    ... and a poster:

    So I'd say that
    • Jurina
    • Sakura
    • Juri
    • Tomu
    • Kojima
    • Miku
    • Nako
    • Miru
    Are the ones getting the most out of this because they are already popular.
    For the rest, it might be their chance to crack into the Top 80.

    By default she is 1st now.
    Mayu (last year 2nd) graduated in December and Sasshi (last year 1st) isn't running again, so it's Jurina VS Sakura this year.
    And it's all being blatantly staged for a Jurina win (SKE has released no single this year, and the election is taking place in their hometown, Nagoya).

    Still, AKB (and the rest 48 groups) are not what they used to be, so being in a Kpop group that might receive the same success as TWICE or the like, is also a way to get back into Japan's good eyes.
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  19. Speaking of the election, the appeal videos for this year are out:

    Here are Jurina's and Sakura's:

    The translation of their messages is in the description.
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