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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, Feb 13, 2016.

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  2. Another thread to die with 10 replies a month like all threads that are not the general discussion. But yay, Somi, Pledis girls, etc.
  3. This performance of Ah is a mess.

  4. I finally watched the first episode and thought Chanmi was shit.
  5. I really liked Chanmi at first because I thought she was brilliant for having the guts to sit on the no. 1 chair, but ... yeah. She's not that good for someone who's been a trainee for 10 years.
  6. Its surprising because my only memory of Chanmi was her being the only saving grace in this iconic mess so seeing her take on some affected husky tone was just strange to me.

    And I appreciated the complete DRAGGING of the DSP girls!
  7. I dislike mixed gender pop groups so much.

    She does sound okay there actually. It's just her increasing smugness in P101 that ruins it.
  8. Thank you for making this!
    The general K Pop thread will be much less confusing.
  9. I like Chanmi solely because of the rumours that she was a bully.

    But yeah, she isn't that impressive for someone who has trained for 10 years + debut before. She also looks older than her age and will probably look out of place in a group with younger girls like Kang Mina and Somi.
  10. Is this basically a reality show to put a girl group together from existing trainees?
  11. Yes. As far as I know the group will be together (and also divided into sub-groups) for a year or so, and then they'll go back to their respective agencies. It's a great way for the girls to gain popularity before debuting "properly".
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  12. It is best not to get too attached to the group then.
  13. It's already too late for that I'm afraid!

    It'll be a shame if the group/one of the sub-groups turn out to be properly amazing and then disappears again, but I guess that's the way this works. Wasn't the public allowed to choose the songs as well or did I make that up?
  14. You're right. And the name too if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm pretty sure the group will definitely split up once the contract is up. The different agencies will definitely want their girls back. It'll be another Hello Venus or Exid/Bestie situation. Unless there's riots or protests!
  15. So my faves are Somi, Chaekyoung, Sejeong, Sohye and meh I forget the names of the others but there are a few more I'm checking for.

    Also, what happened with those 3 girls who left? One couldn't continue and the rest got kicked out?
  16. Just finished watching all 2 hours(!) of episode 3. Way to go Chanmi for ruining another group!!! I bet you she has a vendetta against CCM/MBK and is sabotaging the other girls' chances of winning.
  17. Just finished episode 3.....why did they end the show right in the middle of team Cathy's performance? Do they air the result in episode 4?
  18. He


    I'm guessing to leave suspense after Chanmi's fuck up?

    I kind of feel for her, she seems very insecure in that she puts the "experienced one" front, but she just doesn't do anything better than many of the girls there. I actually get nervous when she is on because I know she won't live up to what she is claiming.

    That lead vocal girl on the 1st team singing the SNSD song was amazing. It's very nice to see the trainers actually happy about it all.

    It's quite unfair that Somi's group will win by a landslide just because her popularity; yes, she is a beautiful child, but she hasn't shown much else, just precocious looks. It makes me a bit uncomfortable knowing how young she is, do many girls debut at this early age?
  19. I honestly don't think Somi is even a very good singer. Team Chaekyung did way better, and of course they're probably not going to win.
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  20. This show is so shady against her, I love it! It's like they constantly try to build a sympathetic storyline around her but then tear her down.
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