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Produce 101

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by roux, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Some professional footage from IOI's last ever concert:

    And a very emotional Pick Me (don't watch if you don't like crying idols):

    I'll miss them.
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  2. It's just such a waste that they're ending when I feel like they were finally getting somewhere. At least there will always be their other projects to follow.
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  3. He


    I will always be pressed at what could have been. There's so much talent and potential in these 11 girls.

    Also, I need to start watching Golden Tambourine, I do not get the concept, but it looks so much fun:

    Sira, Hyeri and Sohee

    Doyeon and Somi

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    The Downpour performance was a mess and a half, but oh so moving. And it was completely live.

    Yeunjung's ugly crying made me sad. Poor baby.

    Queen Sohye was not bothered and delivered her whispers on point.

    Sejong ate confeti.
  5. Rewatching this show for at LEAST the fifth time because my roommate expressed the slightest interest. We're on episode 2 and who reappears on my tv screen?

    Just let this post be a reminder to the world that As One (her horrible band in Hong Kong) have disbanded and she is available for immediate signing to any company. Nine Muses could use a few new members...
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    Oh, yes, sign her, Korea!
  7. He


    Where is Haein now? I really liked her.
  8. He


    Oh, I'm glad she's getting jobs, at least.
  9. And after all of that drama, what was the point?

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    They made it seem like they were competing against the person in the same vocal line... didn't happen. Also Sira ended up getting all the lines.
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  11. Crush was Sira and Yeonjeong's time to shine. Rightfully so.
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  13. He


    Oh! They were both really good!
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