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Produce 48 + IZ*ONE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Who's their choreographer and why are they so good at making these routines?
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  2. He


    Their formations and choreo are great (do they share WJSN's choreographer?), they look great, and I'm up for Sakura regaining the center, but the song is not up to much... yet.
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  3. I find the song quite bland. The chorus is just bad.

    I was expecting to go the Kpop route, but this completely J-idol music and not even the good kind, imo.

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  4. He


    How in the world, unnie?! La vie en rose is one of last year's best. This is... forgettable at best.

    I'm also a bit disappointed with the horrible j-idol outfits. They're a Korean group, bring fashion! They should be standing out a bit, and then let Sakura, Nako and Hitomi lead the way.
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  5. I'm ok with the outfits, the song is nothing new but i liked Sentimental Train so i'll probably like this too :/... eventually. La vie en rose is good but the chorus killed it for me, such a build up for nothing, i can't.
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  6. The full song:

    It's like they took different parts of different songs and tried to glue them together into this.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Izone passed Twice and now owns 2th best selling female album of 2018.
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  9. Neko ni Naritai:

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  10. IZ*ONE Japan Debut Single 「Suki To Iwasetai」 Promotional Picture + CD Covers


    CD covers:


  11. I'm slightly obsessed with this video + performance. Shame about the camera sometimes cutting to those random dudes.

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  12. Neko ni Naritai is sung by a subunit of Sakura, Yuri, Nako, Yena, and Minju. I guess the other 2 limited songs will be 3 and 4 member subunit songs, or a 7 member subunit and one full group song (probably the latter).

    By the way, does anyone know why Neko ni Naritai got released early?
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  13. I think it has not been released yet, they just played the full version on Sakura's radio show.

    She also showed the full version of Suki to Iwasetai in another week.
  14. Gokigen Sayonara, shown on the Sakura radio show today
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  16. Nako has already sent 5 private emails before showcase and others with pictures later. A real machine gun
    2017: 2340 posts
    2018: 2125 posts (probably decreases because of P48)

    Sakura also sent 1 (she used to make longer texts), with a photo with Chaeyeon, Hyewon and Yujin

    Chaeyeon posted that she was studying Japanese and posted a photo of her notebook. (that's what I read, I'm just signing Sakura and Nako)
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  17. They aired snippets of LVER, Suki to iwasetai, and nekkoya

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