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Produce 48 + IZ*ONE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. They beat the 23nd consecutive # 1 of Kisumai (johnny's group). Nice
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  2. Gokigen Sayonara | MV

    Neko ni Naritai | MV

    IZ*ONE performed 19 different choreographed songs in 100 days since debut.
    Original Korean songs:
    La Vie en Rose (Original Ver.+KMAMA Ver.+JMAMA Ver.+HKMAMA Ver.)
    Beautiful Color (Short Ver.)

    Original Japanese songs:
    Suki to Iwasetai
    Neko Ni Naritai (Unit)
    Gakigen Sayonara (Unit)
    Dance wa Omoidasu Made (Unit)

    Produce48 songs:
    Nekkoya (IZ*ONE Ver.)
    We Together (IZ*ONE Ver.)
    Suki ni Nacchaudarou (IZ*ONE Ver.)
    Rumor (Unit+Full group - Short Ver.)
    1000% (Unit)
    I Am (Unit)
    See You Again (Unit)

    Wanna One - Energetic (Short Ver.)
    SNSD - The Boys (Unit - Short Ver.)
    TVXQ! - Mirotic (Unit - Short Ver.)
    H.O.T. - Happyness (Unit - Short Ver.)

    IZ4648 - Hitsuzintei
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  3. Chaewon has become such a star
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  4. Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with the three versions of the single?
  5. It just gives fans more reasons to throw more money at the group as each CD comes with different photocards to collect. There's a boxset too. I do like the idea of each single coming with a different third song.
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  6. Actually... it's more like 15 versions, 1 per member, A, B and the box lol
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  7. I mean I know that AKB48/other 48 groups signles drop like I rock at the second day....but this is Bionic level of let's stream!!!
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  8. It’s basically because the sales for the first day are all those attached to handshake/hitouch events that people order way beforehand, so the rest of the week is basically the casual fans getting it because they like it (sort of).

    Still, great numbers and better than some of the 48 sister groups.
  9. Like I said I knew that, still expected more than 10k to be honest, I guess I overestimate them.
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  10. It's not that bad, hopefully aks will play more with the whole Kpop aspect of the group in the future.
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  11. In addition to the single song, each version comes with a different bside.

    1 - Suki para iwasetai
    2 - Kenchanayo (ケ ン チ ャ ナ ヨ)
    3A - Gokigen sayonara (ご 機 嫌 サ ヨ ナ ラ)
    3B - Neko ni naritai (猫 に な り た い)
    3W - Dansu wo omoidasu feito (ダ ン ス 思 い い 出 ま ま C)

    The full MV of bside you can only see by acquiring the CD, usually they only release a short version like this.
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  12. IZ*ONE is #2 on Billboard JAPAN Top Singles Sales between 4th February to 10th February with 303,745 copies of 好きと言わせたい sold, only a difference of around 8000 copies from #1 Kis-My-Ft2 (312,064 copies).

    Based on Billboard sales, #IZONE has achieved the highest 1st week sales for female artist debut in Japan! (previous record was held by Keyakizaka46)

    IZ*ONE『好きと言わせたい』 303,745枚(2019/2/6発売)

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  13. I'm already sad they'll disband t.t
    Such a shame Oricon doesn't count sales from outside of japan.
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  14. the difference of only 1 copy
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  15. That's such a scream ddd

    Not only they don't count sales from out of Japan, but they also reduce bulk orders to 20 copies.
    So some fans might have bought 40 or 50 or 60 and only 20 go for the chart.
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  16. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And still serving serving longevity in Korea. The true final winner.
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  17. Wizone confirmed! Ugh their impact...

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  18. Music Station

    I have no idea why it's recorded like that ddd
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  19. To try to keep the video from being knocked down. Jpop is very strict about it.

    Here's normal.
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