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Project Runway (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. As you know in fashion one day you're in, the next you're out.

    I love Project Runway. Season 9 starts 28 July on Lifetime.

    Season 8 was great, very dramatic but that's good for reality TV. Mondo was awesome. Gretchen was a horrible whiner with bad designs. Neenaw Gaseeya and Michael Kors have lost it voting for her, alot of people aren't happy.

    Heidi's awesome, I hope her hair is better this season and not a "hotch kapotch"

    And Tim is just endlessly fabulous.

    Oh, just found this

    Any other fans?
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  2. I watch it from time to time though I tend to lower the volume when Heidi is speaking. My favourite series was the Christian Siriano one, it was the first one I watched and it had already had that odd feelng of 'this is the peak series' for the show. My least favourite contestant every was Suede, the one who talked about himself in the 3rd person.

    This news has made my night! And I loved the drama, I remember on the team task when everyone said they were going to stick together and not blame anyone for the failure but eventually started stabbing each other in the back anyway haha

    I found the final few "Oh look at my journey and how far I've come and I'm just so grateful and happy and I can't believe I'm in the final" episodes dull though, I didn't even care who won by the end (Mondo should've). The first 8 or so are where it's at haha
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  4. I loved when the axed designers came back to "help" and it was bitter city.

    Im so shocked I made it this far
  5. Haha Ivy was flawless, her double-sided tape wrath was amazing and everyone should've just bowed down to her investigative skills.

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  6. At least Ivy owned her bitchy persona. Gretchen seemed oblivious as to what a twat she was coming across as.
  7. I loved Season 8. No way should Gretchen have won though, Mondo was easily the best. The early episodes especially were great, and I loved the friendships and enemies that formed.
  9. Considering how little experience she has, I think Anya did a great job. I hope she goes far into the competition.
  10. I will never tire of Heidi Klum's cold and clinical barking:


    Etc, etc.

    She is utterly fantastic.
  11. Anya and Olivier's accents are to die for.

    I really loved Bert's and Anya's. Not so keen on Anthony's..

    Rafael deserved to go yeh.

    Good start!
  12. Great first ep. I love Heidi, she makes me laugh so much.

    Anya, Anthony and Oliver are my favourites so far.
  13. Anya bugged me, apparently she's never sewn silk before!? Apparently she's never made pants before either!!?! Not like she banged on about it for half the episode..
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  14. Rooting for Anya and the Asian guy (the one that was speaking foreign Italian).
  15. 3Xs


    Watching the second (?) episode right now and this shit is doing nothing for me, and normally I like this show a lot. Just a bunch of generic gay guys and some boring girls with no personalities at all. The judging panel/runway portion really saves the show, up until that I was asleep.

    Michael Kors is, as usual, nothing less than absolutely fantastic.
  16. Heidi needs to fire Nina and Michael for daring to disagree with her, especially after last season's finale!
  17. I love Oliver but no way did he deserve to win that challenge. I actually thought his was one of the worst, the top looked like it was made out of Alphableat.

    Anthony's was easily the best. Nina and Micheal really need to learn to shut the fuck up. It's Heid's show, let her pick.
  18. Just catching up now after losing interest, the group challenges are a hot ass mess haha.

    Michael Kors: It looks like something a Teletubby would wear to a party.

  19. Well then, this proved popular haha

    I wasn't surprised by the winner at all.
  20. I lost interest. Boring contestants and an overly long show= snoozefest.
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