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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jul 21, 2011.

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    Yeah, every single time Victoria did well or Nancy did... literally anything, Brittany had an attitude towards them. She was so bitter. Still surprised she got the boot in the very end though! Sergio, Victoria, and Brittany were a shoe-in for Top 3, it seemed.

    I suppose it's the fairest thing they could've done, since Brittany and Marquise have both been eliminated and then returned/saved when every other contestant managed to avoid it every round.
  2. I love how Nina goes in on Sergio’s lack of awareness with past notable fashion designers/shows.
  3. To be fair on Sergio, Alexander McQueen didn't invent geisha makeup. The Celine Dion outfit though...
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  4. Sergio should just not open his mouth! His micro collection showed me how good he really is when he doesn’t give a forced political context to what he makes!
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  5. I think his disdain for the judges and Christian has sealed his fate. Unfortunately, he gives the producers all the material they need to edit him this way. Victoria is definitely going to win. I thought Nancy's collection was the most beautiful. I love the dark cloud.
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  6. Yeah I can't see them wanting another Gretchen. Although I can't see anyone fighting for Sergio like Heidi (or was it Nina) and Michael did for Gretchen.

    Elaine remains the best thing about this show. Turning looks every week.

    Nina seems more herself in the backend of this Season her distain for Sergio's personality is giving me life.
  7. There is no way Sergio is winning with that attitude. Technically he’s probably the best but his lack of awareness is mind boggling. He needs to be humbled. I have my worries with Victoria but I hope she’s in the final two with Geoffrey.
  8. Victoria is a wild card, I can see her win easily but I also can see her messing up.

    I hope the former happens but I'm also here for a surprise Geoffrey win.
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Finally caught up with this season after not watching the previous one and I must say I'm pretty impressed.

    I agree that Victoria and Geoffrey are the only designers that should win the competition but I can also see the judges choosing Nancy because of her underdog, second-chance-at-life back story. I'm personally not a fan of her designs (all of them look like raccoons to me) but I'll definitely choose her over Sergio.

    So happy Brittany finally got eliminated. Girl is talented but her attitude... sis pipe it down.
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  10. EH. Britney clearly wanted it BAD and that manifested in jealousy and toxicity (I mean...relatable queen), and let's be honest her collection would have been WAY better than the dowdy mess I'm expecting from Nancy (luv ha tho).
  11. all collections shocked me (to various degrees) in their tastelesness. victoria, gurl...what are those colors and prints.
  12. Nancy must have this in the bag?

    Zero waste, inclusiveness, her "second chance"
  13. Yes. Poor Geoffrey looked like he was ready to pass out in pure terror.
  14. I... really like Sergio’s showing but yes at the styling needing work! The way that dark dress moved was so beautiful!!

    Victoria might be in trouble if they go ahead and eliminate someone! Let’s hope they don’t!
  15. The winner’s edit that Nancy is getting?! I’m shocked, (to me) she’s the one to beat. I’m surprised at what Victoria and Sergio put out. Both excellent tailors but after 5 months of work, it shows how their taste level is questionable. Elaine once again dragging Sergio for his damn flip-floppin political messaging shows how self-indulgent he is. To a lessor extent the same could be said about Victoria.
  16. I need Elaine to be a judge on so many shows. I love her.
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  17. Elaine really can not take off her heel from Sergio's neck. I'm screaming.

    I think my favorite collection is Geoffrey's so far? Sergio's is gorgeous but it has nothing new to offer.

    I did not expect to say this but Victoria's is probably my least favorite. The colors are way... off.
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  18. So far for me this season has been the best in years. The judges and mentor have finally clicked. This episode shows how Christian has been killing it in his role and the fact he’s a working designer helps a lot. Where Karli lacks in personality it’s balanced by Christian’s. We thought Nina was tough but Elaine’s no nonsense attitude towards bullshit is refreshing. Brandon has been great too. I know not many people like Nancy’s work but I love her journey through the show. I’m glad she’s where she is at the moment.

    All to say this revamp was needed. I can watch this show for another 5 seasons with this line up and I’d be happy.
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  19. It will be interesting to see how well received Heidi and Tim's new show on Amazon Prime is. Considering it starts pretty quickly off the back of this.
  20. At this point I could easily lose Sergio before NYFW. His collection is doing nothing for me. That cowgirl fringe....dear lord no.

    Nancy is coming through, and Geoffrey's is intriguing, but that purple dick dress was absolutely the worst thing he made this season. What the fuck?

    I too am so disappointed by Victoria's, even though it's still pretty great. The clothes are gorgeous, but I'm shocked at the colour choices. That's a big mistake.
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