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Project Runway (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikl C, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Nancy has been one the biggest “what is s/he doing here?” contestants ever for me. In fairness, the other more interesting designers that went home before her did deserve their elimination, but Nancy was never that impressive or exciting and it feels like she was the obvious one to get the boot since like... the top 10, but managed to survive thanks to other people’s mistakes.
    Her collection also didn’t impress me much for now.
  2. None of the collection from the remaining designers blew me away. I’m okay with either Nancy or Geoffrey winning.

    This has been a great season, considering what a bore the first reboot season was. I hope they filmed a reunion? Ha.
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  3. Uno


    Nancy and Geoffrey aced the finale but were average during the season.

    Victoria and Sergio aced the season but were average during the finale.

    I personally thought Nancy’s final collection was by far the best, but I think Geoffrey was the winner if they took overall season & not just collection into consideration. A justified (but not very exciting) winner.
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  4. I thought all collections looked so dated.
  5. There shouldn't have been a winner this year.
  6. The finale part 2 was kinda boring. I ended up playing on my phone for part of it.

    Glad Sergio did not win, would have been happy with any of the other three. Also his public, filmed proposal was so much on the cringe factor.
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  7. Also was Bitter Brittany not at the final?
  8. She was there. She had that new Sia haircut. I also thought Nancy put out a good collection. Both her and Geoffrey were more onboard with the constructive criticism from the judges. When the judges hint and hint that you need to make overall changes to your collection DO IT! If Victoria or Sergio put a collection that was more of judges/mentor influenced (last minute) looks, they would have won the show. Victoria’s white sweater dress was stunning! Oh well.

    Congrats to Geoffrey. Maybe he can relax now.
  9. I didn't know we had a thread here for this... It didn't show up in the search when I tried to find it a few weeks ago.. rude.

    SO GLAD Sergio didn't win. And I live for them cutting his proposal down to like 10 seconds.
    I don't even think his pieces were all so dated that he deserved such mention of it. I think they just said that as an excuse because they did not want to crown someone with such an ego! He was insufferable. His final collection though was so well constructed, and so detailed and interesting. Even though I HATE that he picked disingenuous causes to stand behind week after week for attention... his execution of color scheming when it came to the outfits going from white to blue was kind of perfect to me.

    Which to that, I wish Nancy's final runway had more detailing. Some of the clothes were just... plain dresses. The fabric was amazing but the fabric was wow'ing me more than the actual designs. DD looked fucking amazing though. Their body looked bomb and I am so glad to see a nonbinary model be highlighted like they have this season.

    Victoria's final runway kind of bombed for me. I'd probably put her's in last place. She had really good momentum at the beginning of the season and then it all kind of dropped away. None of her pieces were very exciting. I kind of wish Brittany had been in the finale instead. But her and Marquise had gotten eliminated once, so I see why maybe they didn't want anyone who had technically gotten eliminated a chance at winning because that just feels icky.

    Geoffrey's final runway was... fine. I LOVE his passion and how emotionally invested he is in his craft. I think it is way more genuine than Sergio's Cause of the Week. And the last few episodes have highlighted this and made me really root for him. I'm glad his final runway wasn't super costumey, because some of his designs read as very... drag queen designer... Which he does create pieces for drag queens so that's not a bad thing but not really what I care to see on Project Runway.

    I think having Sebastian last season and Geoffrey this season provides a good variety though. I'm excited to see more of his clothes in the future too. He's a well deserved winner. I honestly wouldn't have been mad at any of them except Sergio because I just did not care for his personality and attention-seeking that he did not get called out hard enough for.
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  10. This was probably one of my least favorite finales ever. No one really wowed me, even though they were all good to some extent.

    The season itself, on the other hand, was my favorite in years. I love the judges, I love Christian, and like someone here said earlier, I'm here for the show to continue with this panel for several more seasons.
  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    So happy we saw a glimpse of Fernando Garcia again dddddddddd what a cutie. And Karla Welch was iconique too. If Christian wasn't already a great mentor, I'd say Karla should get the gig.

    But yes, the finale collections left a lot to be desired. The fact that I was most impressed with Nancy's collection which isn't even that great to begin with........ a mess. Still glad Geoffrey won because I was lowkey rooting for him just because he's super nice and sweet dddddd.

    But overall, I really loved this season and I am so looking forward to the next one. Elaine is the best Project Runaway judge in forever. I stan.
  12. I completely agree, which is odd because I thought she didn’t bring much to the panel last year. Her critiques are mostly on point and she actually offers some of the best constructive criticism without being too flowery or condescending.
  13. I personally think Victoria had the most commercial and cohesive collection. She also whipped that dress up in 2 hours...talent, she should have won based on that alone. That said, I'm content with Geoffrey winning because I enjoy both him and his point of view.

    This season has been super fun even though the pacing was kinda off. The quality all-around was super high.
  14. Victorias biggest mistake was the choice of colors and those hideous logos (+ crochet pieces)
    I was literally gagged that she wore a far superior version of her own design with that lavender ensemble.

    She should have sticked to mostly blacks.
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  15. Yeah I think the pressure got to Victoria.

    I'm ever sure if the runways are supposed to be commercial things you could by in a store or more avant-garde items from a regular fashion week runway.
  16. I’m peeved they went straight into crowning a winner before naming a top3 and a top2. Give me the rankings that I love.

    This was clearly between Victoria and Geoffrey for a while now and I’m happy for the winner. Victoria murdered her chances with the tacky logos and ugly crochet pieces, but Geoffrey did bring some great and fresh ideas and deserved it.
    Shame there’s no All Stars anymore, cause I’d love to have my Moldovan queen on my TV again.
  17. I suspect after three or four Seasons back on Bravo they will bring back All Stars for the return to Bravo era.
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  18. So they have added Seasons 4-10 as free on Prime.

    I've seen 7-10 when they were on Netflix

    Started with 4 despite knowing who wins. Wow they love to use the T slur when describing "bad" or "tacky" fashionable or material.

    Had no idea that Jack Mackenroth was on this show.
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  19. I've been watching Season 4 today because I'm stuck here, so why not?
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  20. Lord Project Runway All Stars is a slog.

    Does it get better in Season 2?
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