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pronoun, i'll show you stronger (Jay Som, Now Now, Tegan & Sara, Hatchie etc.)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by LE0Night, Apr 22, 2019.

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    Real name, Alyse Vellturo, educated music-industry professional, manager, label owner, a secret agent, a cha cha instructor, and in more recent years, full-time musician by the gender-ambivalent moniker of pronoun.
    She was initially going to call herself "monachopsis", i,e "the subtle and constant feeling of being out of place", which, while extremely relatable, got quickly nixed on account of being rather obscure and not rolling particularly well off the tongue.

    Not too fond of genre-pigeonholing, her self-ascribed musical niche is "indie-emo-bedroom-rock-that-no-one-asked-for", as far as I can hear it puts her in that particular batch of rock/pop-adjacent alternative musicians that could plausibly soundtrack aughties college dramas, which is complete catnip for me personally. In this case also featuring the occasional crunchy synth-pop flourish.
    Anyway, she's recently decided to step out of the Spotify EP/singles bracket she's been lingering in for a couple of years now and announced her debut album, "i'll show you stronger", due next month, the singles for it have been consistently fantastic. And fun.

    Case in point, this instant, sunny, Hatchie-as-produced-by-CHVRCHES (and sung by Lisa Germano (where the fuck did she go, by the way)) jam.

    Already on track to be a serious Album of the Summer contender.

    Further recommendations; "stay", the "lead single" in the sense that it dropped alongside the album announcement, and the also-great one that arrived just today, sadie.

    And the still-excellent singles she put out last year that have all made the album (plus "you didn't even make the bed" but I don't have any more room for embeds), "run" technically being the first single off the album.

    I think wrong might be my favourite. I haven't heard her first EP yet but let's just assume that's great too.

    She's deathly committed to the whole lower case thing, by the way, hope that's not a deal breaker. Apparently it's an extension of her thoughts about smallness, being small (she's rather short), feeling small etc.


    01 “you’re not trying at all”
    02 “run”
    03 “you didn’t even make the bed”
    04 “for the story”
    05 “stay”
    06 “sadie”
    07 “temporary tantrum”
    08 “some people”
    09 “the pieces of you”
    10 “as if”
    11 “wrong”
    12 “everybody knows”

    Due May 24th. There are extended previews up on iTunes, it all sounds lovely.
    The gist of the album is a very "my relationship went down in flames and I have some feelings about that" kind of expedition á la The Japanese House's Good at Falling (which is excellent, by the way, don't you dare miss out on that), she and her girlfriend broke up in a not particularly amicable fashion and that ended up kickstarting her branching into music full time.

    And the title is a passive aggressive dig at some promoter who told her that she wasn't "strong enough" to do supporting slots for bigger acts yet so she promptly decided to do something about that.


    @Jwentz @ohnostalgia @Andy French @xOJakeXo @Trouble in Paradise, hiya.
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  2. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    If I ever release an album all the titles will be in CAPS because I feel so tall.

    I’ll check this out, thanks @LE0Night
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  3. Yep, this looks very up my street.

    Lemme take a listen

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  4. Very perched for this. Run and Temporary Tantrum are my faves out of the new album tracks.

    If anybody listens to the new stuff and likes it make sure you try the 2016 ep also, it slays.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Stream it once, stream it thrice.
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  6. as if and some people are my favorites of the new/non-pre release tracks so far. Only song I'm not really feeling is for the story. I knew Alyse would come through.
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  7. Love her! All the new songs sound great!
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