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PSB2: Pet Shop Boys rate, 1993-2004. #20 – role model

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Feb 18, 2018.


What's your favourite part of this rate?

  1. Very

    14 vote(s)
  2. Relentless

    0 vote(s)
  3. Bilingual

    8 vote(s)
  4. Nightlife

    5 vote(s)
  5. Release

    4 vote(s)
  6. Disco 3

    1 vote(s)
  7. Extras (a- and b-sides)

    1 vote(s)
  1. I noticed that you didn´t mention the best song on Very with one word.
    I´m with you with many things you said about the album. Ironically, it´s the album/era that managed to turn them into icons AND a parody at the same time. That in itself is a feat that demands some respect.
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  2. Ray


    Recognise for sure, but it's like I recognise *thinks* err, some acts, and I'm like, oh yes, I like this...whatever it is.

    ('Love etc.' is my favourite Pet Shop Boys single.)

    I know. But that's like saying the point of Phil Collins' "Another Day In Paradise" is not about God ordering new calendars. That's cool. Still not into it.
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  3. Ray


    Um. 'Theatre'? 'Wouldn't'? 'One'?
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  4. Young
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  5. Ray


    It's actually another problematic one for me, as New Order released a song called 'Young Offender' at the same time, and theirs is soooooooo much better. The Jam and Spoon mixes (of the PSB one) help.
  6. I used to have trouble deciding which was the worst album (by an all-time great band) between Very and Republic.

    It was probably Liberator.
  7. I´m afraid I have to say NO to everything in your post. PSB´s Young Offender is AMAZING! One of their best songs. I imagine it´s sung be the same character that sings Being Boring.
    The "will I get in your way"-transition is goosebump city!
    The New Order song is far too long for what it does. It just doesn´t go anywhere for me.
    And Nothing Jam & Spoon ever did is listenable to these ears. I detest them!
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  8. @Ray are you gonna reveal individual scores with the commentary? Because if so, judging by the last post, @TrendyMüller might tear my head off.
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  9. I promise I will never take part in a Jam & Spoon (Damn & Doom) rate.
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  10. Does anyone know if Very is available on vinyl or if a rerelease is planned?
  11. The quote is too big, but both Jam & Spoon mixes of Blue Monday &.Yong Offender are GOLD!

    As is the MK mix of Right In The Night ...
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  12. Jam & Spoon did Right In The Night, so there‘s that.
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  13. An original 1993 copy can be yours for around £60 or so, according to discogs. I suppose they will put out a 2018 remaster along the lines of the ones that have been issued recently as part of the FL project.
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  14. Ray



    What struck me the most when I acquired a copy of Very Relentless – other than the somewhat odd title, and that rubber sleeve – was the fact that it's credited to Lowe/Tennant. This gives a certain idea of what a solo Chris Lowe album in 1993 would have been like. Neil's divine operatic tones appear in some songs, most importantly in the exquisite 'One thing leads to another' which would have made a fantastic closer to Very had 'Go West' not existed. But Relentless is mostly somewhat faceless dull soulless dance music. Which I loved back in 1993, 1994, and for a very long time since then, and only when I listened to the rate Spotify playlist repeatedly did I realise I don't like a lot of it.

    The 3x12" release – three coloured promos – is mindblowingly gorgeous. Myself, however, I acquired it first via bootleg tape, then from a store, where the seller wanted to keep the one and only copy to himself, but I convinced him to sell it to me. Sexual favours were not included. He just knew I spent all my money on music, mostly on Pet Shop Boys, Kylie, and Madonna. I've never been kissed at that point, haven't seen the inside of a gay club, the only Polish gay magazine that wasn't porn was Pitchfork level of pretentious (classical music reviews ONLY). Yet my music taste was as gay as it could have been. And had I been able to, I'd be shaking my caboose to
    In a way, I am glad Chris got this out of his system, and it did provide me many years of enjoyment. It unfortunately (or on purpose?) confirmed all the theories the press had that all Chris was good for was dance music. On one hand there was something unbearably exciting in owning something like Relentless. On the other I can sort of see why it hasn't been remastered and reissued. In 2018 it would be milking the fans with sub-par product. Which doesn't change the fact that among all the attempts to rewrite 'West End girls', 'One thing leads to another' was the most successful. And it's very Pet Shop Boys to hide one of their best songs on a CD hardly anybody is likely to even hear. (See also 'Fugitive'.)

    Today the only (very rare) mentions of Relentless focus on the otherworldly packaging, later reused for 'I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing' CD singles set. (Was the rubber a conscious or more accidental metaphor for condoms?) (Imagine Relentless Rubber condoms. Just imagine.) (I'm going to stop with brackets now.) I like owning it, but I'm unlikely to play it now that I did my own set of Results. for the rate.
  15. I adored Very at the time! It was so brash and bold, matching the visual campaign perfectly. To this day, it is really their bravest look. The Top of the Pops performance of ‘Can you forgive her’ is still something I’d happily show off to someone questioning their creativity, it was SO out there, and it must have been so exciting seeing this live on television for the first time, in the pre-YouTube days.

    But sound-wise it does not hold up as well as their other albums I think. Almost all songs are too linear – they don’t have any proper build-up, climax, anti-climax, that keeps ones ears interested for too long. Songs start very immediately, crashing in, no intro, no breakdown halfway through, their soundscape not building into something more exciting as the song progresses. The production is a bit flat and too Atari 8-bit Game Console in hindsight.

    Still, they wanted an album of 10 singles, which they pretty much achieved – it has some of my all-time favourite compositions on it (Can you forgive her, I wouldn’t normally do, Dreaming of the Queen...).
  16. I’ve ripped Relentless to my phone ... let’s see how it works out on the way to work tomorrow ...

    Very is suffering from revisionism ... but at the time it elevated PSB to a fan level even greater than Actually (to be clear, I mean for the fans, not the public) …
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  17. Just sorted out my PSB Rate 2 playlist and they did a LOT of B-sides in this part didn't they?!

    I've decided to rate everything - in for a penny, in for a pound!
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  18. Jesus (searching for the face of).....this is a tough old slog. Also have no idea what my 11 will be. The first rate was so much easier. I flew through the scoring, this is more of a chore and there was me thinking I loved the PSBs!
  19. I know their 80s songs like the back of my hand, I was shocked how few of the songs in this part I am really familiar with. My 11 is already decided on the plus side!
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  20. Ray


    I am down to two potential 11s out of three. I should decide, um, two seconds before the voting is closed...
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