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PSB2: Pet Shop Boys rate, 1993-2004. Winner, rate facts, part 3 discussion

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Feb 18, 2018.


What's your favourite part of this rate?

  1. Very

    21 vote(s)
  2. Relentless

    0 vote(s)
  3. Bilingual

    9 vote(s)
  4. Nightlife

    7 vote(s)
  5. Release

    5 vote(s)
  6. Disco 3

    0 vote(s)
  7. Extras (a- and b-sides)

    2 vote(s)
  1. I second the sentiments, @TrendyMüller! This Rate occupied a great deal of this year – and every single second a very precious one!

    Thanks again @Ray – I hope you are feeling better by now?!

    All the best for the new year to you all, and hopefully meet again here soon! A new PSB album, (hopefully) preceded by PSB Rate 3 – the year can not fail.
  2. Ray


    I'm better indeed. Now, though, I'm dealing with legal stuff. Argh! PSB3 is coming in 2019 though. Pinky swear.
  3. You've got your health, you've got everything, that's what my doctor said
    You may not have much cash, but you've got a roof over your head
    Of course I said I loved you, not just 'cause you insisted
    How much longer a man could get arrested?
  4. I get excited for part 3
    Do you get excited too, @Ray ?

    Or is this

    Auf Wiedersehen?
  5. Ray


    Did you see this coming? PSB4: The Collaborations, actually.
  6. Every night is New Year’s Eve, welcome to my life.
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  7. Coming out of PSB hibernation, I'd also like to belatedly wish everyone who participated in this rate all the best for 2019.

    Great to read that you are better! I hope everything else works out the way you want it to. And I'm looking forward to the PSB3 rate.
  8. Ray


    Now we have to wait for the rest of Agenda. I love "Give stupidity a chance", "Social media" sounds like a LIDL album track, and not even one of the better ones.
  9. Damn, finally heard On Social Media and so far Agenda is 0/2 for me. Perhaps 0.5/2, as I quite enjoy the verses of On Social Media. Too bad it leads into such a damp squib of a chorus.
  10. Ray


    I would have loved 'Give stupidity a chance' to be performed at Eurovision – it has the right length – but it's hard to not notice its political content. It's not exactly 'Shopping'.
  11. Ray


    I'm thinking of opening PSB3 next month. 101 songs. Fundamental, Yes, Elysium, Electric, Super, Agenda, plus assorted b-sides and extra tracks. How about eight weeks for voting, so let's say I open on March 15, voting closes around May 15? I hope they don't manage to put out another album or EP before the rate is over... Did I See Agenda Coming? No, etc.

    Anything missing? ('God willing' is missing on purpose, same as 'Opportunities (reprise)' in part one.)

    I still can't decide between my two 11 candidates. Maybe I'll introduce a rule that the host can give two 11s...
  12. This would be amazing. I'm still working on my 3rd volume of the PSB anthology trilogy, and I have the post-Yes material to do.
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  13. Ray


    Ooooh would you join for part 3?! That would be awesome!
  14. If I am able to work on the anthology at the same time - rating the songs as I compile the project - then Yes, it's definitely do-able.
  15. Ray


    Technically, you can already start – that Spotify list is unlikely to change, unless I am missing one or two songs. Just checking with @RainOnFire whether all is good before the official announcement.
  16. YAY! I can't wait!
  17. Yasss daddy! I'm so excited for this, I could probably rate this in my sleep. I feel like there might be a thing or two missing, but can't think of it at the moment. Ready for this!
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  18. This will be a tough vote. The drop in quality between parts 1 and 2 to this one is SHOCKING!
    It goes without saying that this rate will be a highlight of the year!!!
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  19. Ray


    There will be zeroes from me for sure. Multiple zeroes. Sadly.
  20. I bought all the Electric and Super digital EPs/Maxis in CD quality for 59p a track. It seemed like a bargain, but..........maybe not!
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