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PSB2: Pet Shop Boys rate, 1993-2004. Winner, rate facts, part 3 discussion

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Feb 18, 2018.


What's your favourite part of this rate?

  1. Very

    17 vote(s)
  2. Relentless

    0 vote(s)
  3. Bilingual

    9 vote(s)
  4. Nightlife

    5 vote(s)
  5. Release

    4 vote(s)
  6. Disco 3

    1 vote(s)
  7. Extras (a- and b-sides)

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  1. This is why I try to avoid Literally. Their description of the writing and recording process for this song would have dropped my score. But, I still really like how sad it makes me feel. I thought it was about Boy George / Steve Strange / Insert-Troubled-Famous-Homosexual-Here and it still gives me chills.
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  2. It’s too early for Boy Strange to exit.....

    In the eyes of the world he's
    A borderline fool
    Both naive and cruel
    Why would you inflict
    Him on you?

    Some of their best lyrics and I’ve always had time for this song. Sounds odd but Nightlife maybe their ‘gayest’ album. It’s very niche.
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  3. Nooooo!
    Boy Strange is such a beautiful song - I nearly gave it 10 points, so maybe I should have ... , but that probably wouldn't have made a difference, anyway.

    You heartless people...
  4. Thank you everyone above for actually having taste.

    I feared this would leave sooner than later (after all, it's popjustice and not rockjustice on here). It is the closest PSB get to sounding like vintage Bowie (so I don't get the complaints here) and while it would have fitted better on Release (meant as a compliment, of course), it's a breath of fresh air on Nightlife and my third-favourite song on it.

    The vocals during the verses are unique and amazing, the chorus has a sinister quality that suits the title, the bit near the end of the crescendo at 3m53s gives me goosebumps, the segue into the acoustic part at 4m29s as well, and I have nothing against the percussion (I told you I loved the Release tour). And Neil's phrase Why would you inflict him on you? is among my favourite PSB lyrics.

    The only reason I didn't give this a 10 is the slightly overlong beginning, but we now know that's Rollo's fault for not digging 'Playing in the streets' (another indie rock track Chris wrote to impress his friends). I actually would have preferred that as an intro even if that would have made the song considerably longer - but then I also listen to indie and prog rock.
  5. Hopefully at least 'Footsteps' will step away tomorrow.
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  6. Boy Strange's lyrics are strange in themselves. And not in a good way. There's something about them that feels kind of...I dunno, patronising? I'm struggling to find the exact right word but listening to it makes me feel like I'm being mansplained to.
  7. Unbothered by pretty much all of the reveals so far - 'Boy Strange' I gave a 4, I think. Definitely my lowest rated on "Nightlife"
  8. HELL NO! Footsteps is AMAZING and should have been the final single where they killed off the Eletro-Punk Samurai Pet Shop Boys look in a black and white video where they are making a calm journey towards a beach with a pier whilst all around them is in chaos. Then at the end they jump off of a pier living only the Samurai outfits and the dogs from the IDK video and artwork.
  9. Ray


    Sounds jolly!

    Next reveal in a few hours, currently at an airport. Promise no more travelling until the rate ends.
  10. Ray




    Good song

    aged beautifully

    80. E-mail
    Album track on Release
    Average: 5.7714285714
    Highest score: 10 (@Jóga, @etienne)
    Lowest score: 2 (@etcetera, @Ray, @TrendyMüller, @idratherjack)

    Neil: The sound at the beginning is a piece of history now, a dial-up modem. We recorded that from my iMac.
    Chris: Even at the time someone commented, 'Oh, I can't believe you're still using a dial-up'.
    Neil: It's got a string arrangement by Richard Niles – the only string arrangement on the album.
    Chris: I think the drum programming on this was influenced by Eminem's 'Stan'.
    Ray: *facepalm*
    Neil: This is when we thought we might make a hip hop album – this is definitely the track where you can still hear some kind of vague hip hop reference.
    Ray: Reusing 'West End girls' chords is not called 'hip hop reference'.
    Neil: I wrote most of the music on piano and then Chris wrote the middle bit. The lyric just says what it's saying. There's nothing hidden in it.
    Chris: It's a bit like Liza Minnelli always trying to find a way of saying 'I love you'.
    Neil: Yes, it's exactly like that.
    Chris: Liza came across sign language, Neil discovered e-mail.​

    I have very little to say about this other than the fact my 2 points are for the fact the melody is catchy. As hell. In that 'I wish I could get it out of my head' way. It's not an offensively bad song. It's not good. It's extremely, near impossibly beige. And the dial-up modem... well.

    @OspreyQueen: This sure has aged beautifully hasn’t it.

    @Jóga: I usually send an e-mail to my boyfriend saying I love you because I am corny like that and just because of this song. He knows it's purely because of this song and is okay with it. [Aw.] [Confession: I live with my husband and see him all the time, yet when he goes to work – he works evenings – we chat at least for five minutes at 10pm. We do not use dial-up. The only times we don't do that is when one of us has no Internet, and then we text to say 'I love you'. – Ray]

    @ohnoitisnathan: Nice use of the 'West End Girls' intro chords, but otherwise boring.

    @Filler: Deduct a point if this isn't really about the ILOVEYOU virus like I've assumed. [Not much change, but average would drop by 0.03. – Ray]

    @MidnightCity: Sounds dated - and not just because of the title. "Send me an email…" really?! [Everything about it sounds dated... – Ray]

    @Sally_Harper: This feels like it goes on forever.

    @DominoDancing: This is a very cute and low-key romantic song. There are not many comparable songs in their discography, and I cherish it for that. I enjoy the second verse in particular - "Some things can be written down/That we're too shy to say/Send me an e-mail that says I love you". Very me at the time of the record's release. [Awww. I'm glad you discovered e-mail and dial-up too. I hear this interweb is the future! – Ray]

    @westendgirl: a bit too cheesy for my taste

    @WhipperSnapper: Message send failure.

    @One Stop Candy Shop: Outdated communication anthem. Maybe they could update the lyrics to: "If I tap you on Grindr that means I love you". Good song though. [Dddd – I think Grindr etc. is why they changed 'to say I love you' to 'to say I want you' in 'All over the world'. – Ray]

    @JakeMagnus: A pretty basic song and the first dud on the album. Even PSB themselves ignore that this was a single. [It wasn't? – Ray]

    @TrendyMüller: Hey, let´s write something hip about that new Emile-thing…the rhymes don´t fit the music, but nobody will listen anyway. [EMINEM. It's EMINEM. Get on with the times, Dial-UpMueller! – Ray]

    It inspired a movie, too:

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  11. I didn’t go through the ILY virus craze because I was around 5, but I think it’s a great excuse for a cheesy song.

    It’s just such a warm song.
  12. Aw you guys, this song is much too sweet to leave this early. BTW, I guess what @JakeMagnus is referring to is that it was part of a Bruce Weber video along with I Get Along.
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  13. The most original thing about the song is the fact that he asks for an E-Mail that says I love you and not that he´s about to write one.
    The rest is rather bland...and i did indeed have to deal with a small hotel in an godforsaken part of Germany two years ago, where the owner was actually saying that he would "send an Emil". I´m still waiting for him.
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  14. I think the video was also credited as ‚I Get Along/Email‘ on music TV and (not 100% sure) on the PopArt DVD.
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  15. Yep, just checked the DVD, that's definitely how it is credited.
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  16. Ray


    After all the uproar and controversy this departure caused let's slow things down a bit, shall we?



    very boring

    minus 1 point for the song

    79. The only one
    Nightlife album track
    Average: 5.8
    Highest score: 10 (@WhipperSnapper, @CorgiCorgiCorgi)
    Lowest score: 0 (@Farnaby)

    Neil: A song written for the musical but which didn't end up in it. Craig Armstrong thought this should be the first single. It was in the workshop for the musical: Straight Dave wants to be a singer and tells the manager he's written some songs, and there's a scene in a recording studio. He's written this song about Mile End Lee, the drug dealer, hence 'I don't know much about the deals you make'. Straight Dave is going to join the boy band that is being put together by the manager, so this is also written in the genre of a boy band – that's why, at the end, I do boy band ad-libs. But it was dropped after the workshop. I guess it was felt that it didn't move the plot along.
    Chris: There are a lot of slow tracks for a dance album, aren't there? I suppose it's not a dance album, it's a night album.​

    Guys, it's a mess. The sad thing is that it is entirely possible to put together an album called Nightlife made out of songs that ended up on the actual thing, demoes that were recorded for the musical but never released, b-sides, and Further Listening tracks. But instead we got the spiritual father to Kylie's X. There are peaks. (This is not one of them.) And lows. (This is just meh.) And no theme, as much as you'd like one to be there. Also you were right – a scene like this wouldn't move the plot along at all. But in a way the musical development is the most interesting thing for me, I'd love a Closer to heaven deluxe issue with Further Listening and a booklet like this – possibly more than this Nightlife one. I'm going to play the extended version of 'My night' now to celebrate this non-existent release.

    @Farnaby: There is nothing to like there. Or : there is nothing there at all. And to think Craig Armstrong thought it should be the first single… He is a complete fraud and this is the proof. [Nightlife only has one proper first single, and of course it never got released as a single at all. Hint: it is NOT 'Crappiness is an option'. Or this. – Ray]

    @CorgiCorgiCorgi: Neil Tennant doesn’t get a lot of compliments for his vocals, but his singing voice sounds really nice on this song. [Not on the adlibs, sorry – Ray]

    @WhipperSnapper: Another relatable song that they probably should have kept in the musical. [Relatable – yes. Moving the plot along, or necessary for anything at all – no. – Ray]

    @mrdonut: Bit of a misfire really.

    @One Stop Candy Shop: It's boring, but better than Boy Strange and not completely awful. [I love when you go all crazy with the praise. – Ray]

    @Jóga: Not bad, a bit cheesy, not the good one.

    @ohnoitisnathan: I'm guessing I'm not the only one giving this a score this low. [Your 4 is actually generous compared to many others' scores. – Ray]

    @Filler: 9 points for the production, minus 1 point for the song.

    @Carsten: Twee ballad to begin with, which is actually killed by the unconvincing and nasal add-libs toward the end (I wanna be… I wanna be…) [...zig-a-zig-ah – Ray]

    @Sally_Harper: This would have been a 10 because it’s absolutely beautiful, except for the adlibs in the last minute or so which make me want to pull my ears off. Everything else is stunning though.

    @DominoDancing: I always have a hard time distinguishing some of the ballads on the second half of Nightlife when looking at the track listing. This is the best of a bad bunch, but nothing special either.

    @JakeMagnus: This is very boring. The latter half of the album is very patchy.

    @TrendyMüller: The Nightlife-sequencing is a mess. Not a bad song, but I just don´t care for this at all. I´ve got a case of PSB-ennui, it seems. [This song is very PSB-ennui, unfortunately. – Ray]

    @OspreyQueen: I feel like people are too hard on this one. It’s cute.

    I'm kind of glad it's gone. Because tomorrow we lose the first single. And a controversial b-side. AND a controversial album track.
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  17. The lyrics of 'E-mail' are a bit cheesy and the music is a bit MOR, but I love the melodies, the nod to 'West End girls' and the middle-eight, so I gave it an 8.

    While there is so much worse material still in, I guess I'm glad that so far none of my (many) 10s has been revealed.
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  18. From the comments I can really picture all of us sitting there, trying to get through the album and everyone having a bit of the same reaction to this mess of a track list.
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  19. Ray


    *looking at the spreadsheet*

    Errrrr... don't get used to that glad all over feeling.
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  20. E-mail could’ve stayed just a tad longer. The Only One... not so much.

    Still rooting for a swift departure of Catastrophe.
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