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PSB3: Pet Shop Boys rate, 2006-2019. #4 How great is this song! We've got a hit!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Mar 18, 2019.


What is your favourite section of this rate?

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  2. Yes

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  3. Elysium

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  4. Electric

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  5. Super

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  6. Agenda

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  8. Christmas

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  1. Ray



    This one definitely slaps.

    Not quite as epic as fans want it to be

    painfully generic track


    Super album track
    Average: 8,344
    Highest score: 7x10 (@Seventeen Days, @One Stop Candy Shop, @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @nanafan, @SmashHitter, @etienne, @Sweet Music)
    Lowest score: 1x3 (@Salient Partner)

    Neil We were listening to songs for the forthcoming Nightlife Further Listening CD and we found an unreleased song called 'Nu sleaze' from 1997. Chris didn't like his vocal, and wanted to take it off the Further Listening album, but he loved the chorus about '...burn this disco down'.
    Chris I didn't realise it was Neil singing. I'd forgotten. I thought it was a sample of something. It was that good. I thought, “Who was this soul singer?” But the original was swingbeat, so we started again from scratch.
    Neil I replaced Chris's vocal with a very pretty verse melody to make it a bit dreamier, because I thought 'burn this disco down' could be slightly corny. I imagine two people at a New Year's Eve party by a beach, fireworks going off, and they're basically getting off with each other. So there's various meanings to 'burn'. To begin with there was just one verse, then it was decided I had to do another one, which took me quite a long time – I did it back in London after we returned from Los Angeles.
    Chris For a while it was going to be too specific.
    Neil I wrote something that Chris and Stuart didn't like.
    Chris It needed to be a bit more general.
    Neil But Stuart always liked this track.
    Chris We weren't necessarily going to put this on.
    Neil I couldn't decide whether it was a bit throwaway. It's basically a dance song. But it's got a very impressive production, and I think it sounds great near the end of the album. Though at one point it was going to be the start of the album.

    Ray This song is such a mess. It's got weird structure, but not in a good way. I quite like the multi-octave vocals, though. *scrambles for something more to say* Scissor Sisters did a quite good job with this b-side. I guess.

    @nostalgiakills (5): Banging and lasers and etc. etc. Another painfully generic track from an extremely schizophrenic album.
    @WhipperSnapper (6): Not quite as epic as fans want it to be, the cheap use of applause is KLF territory. Its status as the single they abandoned is perplexing, although I respected their sensitivity to world events and epic gay tragedy at the time.
    @DominoDancing (8.5): Another good pop song, perhaps my favourite on the album. Love the horns (although they could have used a bit more treble), but like so many songs on this album this suffers from its simple lyrics. There's so few songs on this album which really yield any emotional reaction.
    @OspreyQueen (9): Before I die, I wanna go to at least one party that’s exactly like the one described in this song. Except for the arson.
    @nanafan (10): Best track on the album, so glad it was done live. One of my all time favourite PSB tracks. The Baba Stilitz Remix is one of the worst things they have ever released though
    @TrendyMüller (6.5): There is amazingness in there, but un-developed and under-produced by the hack-producer
    @JakeMagnus (9): I can‘t rate this lower than a 9, but the intro needs to go - it’s an easy 10 without it
    @Jóga (8): I wish the whole song was as good as the chorus.
    @Seventeen Days (10): Another track that really clicked for me when I saw them live. This one definitely slaps.
    @westendgirl (8.5): I know, it’s a bop. The lyrics could have been a bit more…. intelligent? “It feels so good” does not sound as good as the rest.
    @MidnightCity (8): An album highlight. Son of "Vocal" just not as good
    @Sally_Harper (9): Arson-condoning bop.
    @Bleu Noir (8): Doesn't quite hit the spot but a banger nevertheless
    @Farnaby (7): A little by-the-numbers and basic. But the concert version made me like the song more.

    Baba Stiltz remix:

    Live at the Royal Opera House ('Burn' starts at 3:08)

    Live at Rock in Rio:

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  2. Ray


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  3. [​IMG]

    Do you guys wanna rate this in a couple of days?
  4. Oh i hope the singles campaign is going to be LU tile covers
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  5. Seriously not a fan of writing comments for 100+ songs and then having them "censored" because you disagree.
  6. Oh, it was a joke, Trendy! Everyone can infer the content anyway, only a half of a word missing. Many apologies, we will include them in their entirety for the rest of the rate. Seven days left!
  7. Ray



    Fixed. With our apologies, here are some flowers for you.

  8. Berlin Underground tiles would be a great theme seeing as they had Berlin as the new album’s working title.
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  9. It´s all good and thanks vor se laahvely flowerz, dahhlinks!
    I was a bit irritated cause I originally had more to comment on that song. But I "condensed" my commentary before delivering them, and I guess I must have edited myself (and had forgotten about it).
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  10. The melody for “We’re gonna burn this disco down before the morning comes” is understated, but so good.

    I wish I had been more present for the reveals, alas I haven’t been able to. But as usual @Ray and @Future Lover this is great.

    Re. Axis, the Boys really helped me into liking electronic music and exploring more into genres like ambient and 90’s house music. I’m far from well versed in such genres but I’m forever grateful that Neil and Chris and other pop artists who incorporate elements from these brought them to me.
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  11. Ray


    I need a collaboration with Massive Attack sampling the movie Weather Underground RIGHT NOW. Pet Shop Boys, Anarchy.
  12. Pet Shop Boys feat. Years & Years???
    I´m a bit afraid!
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  13. Minimal
    Love etc.
    The way it used to be

    5 singles. Album track. Bonus track. What's your least fave for today?
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  14. Your fears are well founded, great sentiment but the song is just meh.
  15. Integral has nothing to do in this top 7. It's a top 40 at most.

    All the rest is great here, and a wonderful proof of PSB unaltered genius in the XXIth century (unlike Agenda...).
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  16. Ray


    For once we agree 100%. I have no idea why 'Integral' is in top 30, much less top 7.

    Me: 'Dreamland' is kind of meh.
    Me: Oh... *plays it for 11th time in a row*
    So I think I might have to like it. And it's definitely a grower.
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  17. The chorus is a chore...I don´t need this.
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  18. Exactly that. This would be so much better if it had some interesting lyrics instead of these cliché-ridden words. They proved with 'Integral' that you can combine an energetic and euphoric dance track with a meaningful message.

    I can't rate this lower than a 9, too. It would be a 10 with better lyrics, but the intro is fantastic: what a build up with added handclaps and a classic brass stab riff. I love that it sounds a bit more edgy and harks back to the Please era: it's very reminiscent of the start of 'Why don't we live together?'. Also, I have criticised Stuart Price a lot, but hats off to him if he is responsible for the warped bit from 0:46 to 1:02 (or was it Chris?). Given that the intro is longer than one minute, the whole track is surprisingly short, though. A decent old-school extended mix would have been a no-brainer, but sadly it never materialised.
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  19. Integral can leave.
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