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PSB3: Pet Shop Boys rate, 2006-2019. #60 Indefinite leave and never come back

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Mar 18, 2019.


What is your favourite section of this rate?

  1. Fundamental

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  2. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  3. Elysium

    3 vote(s)
  4. Electric

    11 vote(s)
  5. Super

    3 vote(s)
  6. Agenda

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  7. Others

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  8. Christmas

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  1. Ray


    Wait, what? 'Up and down' is one of their best from that period! If any of them has a catchy chorus, surely it would be 'Up and down'!
  2. It goes in (one ear)
    It goes out (the other)
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  3. Ray


    Let me look at the spreadsheet again... *turns laptop sideways* *shakes it a bit* Yes, now I see your 11 leaves next, whatever it is.
  4. Things that should have left last week: The Coldplay cover, the PSB cover, that christmas song, two more songs from Elysium
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  5. Ray


    You're going to see all your wishes come true.

    Unfortunately I can't tell you when, but I promise it will be before the MKS album Soon appears in the shops.
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  6. My 1 was a tad harsh, but I'm pretty sure I listened to this song once and then again only when I had to for this rate. Does @nostalgiakills win for most unexpected 10?*

    But the way things are going I think we're in for a lot of surprises.
  7. Oh, just you wait!
    *laughs maniacally*
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  8. Ray



    Actually this one is quite OK? I gave it... *checks* oh. 3,5. Um, let's get rid of that horrible, bad, no good song!


    'Glad all over'
    The Dave Clark Five cover, b-side to 'Together'
    Average: 5,1444
    Highest score: 1x10 (@tylerc904)
    Lowest score: 2x0 (@Sweet Music, @Farnaby)

    Chris We were playing in Blackpool just after Blackpool had got promoted to the Premier league, and this Dave Clark Five song is Blackpool's theme song. I was there at Wembley when we got promoted, and to hear the whole Blackpool end singing it, it was very uplifting. So we did it as an additional encore, one night only, just for Blackpool.
    Neil Chris did a demo at home.
    Chris It was done very, very quickly. The live version was quite different.
    Neil Then we recorded it with Tim Powell.
    Chris The recorded version is a lot more moody. Tim suggested slowing it right down and changing the chords in the verse because the original is all very major key. So the chords now are minor in the verse and major in the chorus, and it's a lot slower, but that allows you to go double-speed at the end, so it's almost got influences of dub step. It goes a bit mental at the end, which is great. But it sounds very sad now, for some reason.
    Neil I've run into Dave Clark twice, and both times he said, 'I loved your version of "Glad all over"'.

    Ray I remember the song itself, as in melody and lyrics, because it's catchy. Pet Shop Boys recording it, though? Sometimes their covers are amazing – see 'My girl' (I am aware not many of you agree). This is not one of them. Still, I underscored it – probably because it followed 'Fugitive' on my playlist. I gave 3,5 to another song that shouldn't have happened at all and this is way better – a 5, more like. Oh well. We're indifferent all over, judging by the average. (Y'all have no idea how difficult it is sometimes not to type simply 'Average: it definitely is'.)

    @nostalgiakills (2): The verse manages to elevate the original from “terrible” to “sort of OK” but there’s no amount of interpretation that can make that chorus palatable. If I were them, I would have taken the backing track they’d created and written something new over it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why they’d waste their time covering dross like this.
    @WhipperSnapper (6): The original Dave Clark 5 version is a classic, and Pet Shop Boys don’t embarrass themselves here, despite the questionable drum+bass (or is it happy hardcore?) flourishes. I love the call and response vocals.
    @VivaForever (7): WaiT, three good songs a row in the extras section? Inconceivable!
    @DominoDancing (7.5): Surprisingly, I think this is actually a quite successful. They so often go full on Hi-NRG for their covers, and I enjoy that they opted for a more relaxed arrangement here.
    @nanafan (2): This style doesn’t suit the boys at all
    @TrendyMüller (6.2): This almost collapses in on itself at any moment. It´s a brave arrangement which gets more bonkers by the minute.
    @JakeMagnus (6.5): Love the verses, but the chorus is a bit much
    @Jóga (7): It’s alright. The pseudo drum and bass beat at the end is interesting
    @westendgirl (6): Neil sounds a bit drunk here ;) [It's a football song, apparently, so that would be fitting – Ray]
    @Midnight City (2): Ooh….no
    @Bleu Noir (2): Forgettable
    @Farnaby (0): I totally forgot this mess. Thanks Ray for reminding me PSB blessed us with a disgusting mix of dubstep (?) and rock anthemic chorus. Yuk.


    This amassed 638 views on YouTube, so... yeah.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next one Leaving (The Vengaboys HappyHappy remix) tomorrow.
  9. Ray


    Oh dear, YouTube followed this with 'True Faith' and 'Glad all over' is definitely a 3,5...
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  10. 0,0888

    That's the difference between the score of Glad All Over (5,1444) and the score of the beautiful Inside (5,0556).

    That's the diabolical and mathematical proof of Earth being Hell, even here, amongst delicate Pet Shop Boys amateurs.

    Restoring my faith will be hard.

    Putting the Elton John massacre out right now would be a first and friendly step.

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  11. Ray


    I wouldn't mind that either. It might be the worst track in the rate, seeing as they ruined their own masterpiece. And it got 10s from certain voters!
  12. And a 9.5!
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  13. [​IMG]

    It's a fucking bop, and I genuinely can't fathom why so many people here hate it so intensely!
  14. Is it too late to rescind my positive score?
  15. On a positive note, I am glad to see that @Ray's iconic artwork is back for round 3.
  16. Ray


    I adore your avatar, @WhipperSnapper! Do you want to do a design for 'In private'? Maybe a sparkly GIF?
  17. I would not want to make your rate participants angrier than they already are.

    Or does "Sparkly GIF" sound like a great drag queen name?

    I'm an artist, honey
    You gonna get me a drink?
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  18. I wouldn´t go out of my way to play Glad All Over and I´m almost convinced that I heard it for the first time for this rate. I don´t think it´s a true success (as far as PSB covers go), but I admire how the song takes off in a totally insane way and how Neil sounds like he is anything but glad all over. It reminds me a bit of Yesterday, When I Was Mad.
  19. I agree with the above. I really find it redundant to use the sample and then also have Neil quote them in the lyrics. Neil's vocal for the verses is lovely if a bit PSB by numbers. The vocal melody of the chorus sounds off, though. 5 points.

    Yes, it's slightly above average, so I gave it a 6. How can this already leave when the inferior other cover version from that release is still in?
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  20. This AND the other cover/mash-up and *closes eyes and picks one*: Sad Robot World
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