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PSB3: Pet Shop Boys rate, 2006-2019. You're the winner! I'm the winner! What's the winner?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Mar 18, 2019.


What is your favourite section of this rate?

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  1. Dat artwork is 10/10!
  2. Ray



    Absolutely average


    'No more ballads'
    B-side to 'Thursday'
    Average: 5,3611
    Highest score: 1x8 (@Sally_Harper)
    Lowest score: 2x2 (@Bleu Noir, @Hurricane Drunk)

    Neil We said in the last issue of Literally that 'No more ballads' is our Rihanna hit that she hasn't recorded yet. It's meant to be an R'n'B ballad, and it's about a female singer whose boyfriend is cheating on her. And he is also a singer or a rapper. He sings all these beautiful songs but she knows from their relationship that the songs are totally insincere. And she can forgive him for his behaviour, but she can't forgive him for the ballads.

    Ray I honestly can't remember anything about this. *playing it* I keep forgetting it as it's playing. Seriously. It's not bad. I guess? No, sorry, there is nothing memorable about it. It looks like you agree – it's the first song so far which has the lowest score of 2 and highest of 8. Clearly we were aiming at the perfect 5 average, almost got there. I mean, look at the first comment...

    @nostalgiakills (5): Absolutely average - it’s enjoyable enough while it lasts but it’s all surface, and evaporates into the ether at its conclusion.
    @WhipperSnapper (6): Is this about George Michael, as was rumored? Quite sad in retrospect.
    @VivaForever (6): ‘I could forgive you, but not your ballads’... relatable kings!! This is literally getting an extra point just for the title, though I do like the occasional ballad.
    @DominoDancing (6.5): It's cute, but feels unfinished. The demo-ish production doesn't help.
    @nanafan (4): This is a nice track
    @TrendyMüller (7): My sentiment exactly
    @JakeMagnus (6.5): Some fine tuning and it could be an 8 or 9
    @Jóga (6): Very middle of the road.
    @tylerc904 (6.5): I remember this being way worse, but it’s actually one of the better post-Elysium ballads.
    @Seventeen Days (7.5): Well then… those are some pretty scathing lyrics, eh?
    @westendgirl (3): I like Neil’s voice, but this is his worst style of singing- who is he trying to impersonate here?
    @Sally_Harper (8) I would not like to be whoever this is aimed at. What an eloquent takedown!
    @Bleu Noir (2): Exhausting listening at this stage

  3. Yeah, I'm not hearing that at all.
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  4. Oh. Clearly I completely fabricated the celebrity angle here.

    How well put! Yes.
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  5. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I thought the Rihanna thing was just a hint that the song was about (or at least inspired by) Chris Brown.
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  6. Ray


    Ew. Chris Brown has ballads? (Don't send links.)
  7. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    As a reformed Chris Brown listener, I can confirm he does have a few.
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  8. Great couple of elims today
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Ray


    Great, I will never unsee this!
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  11. I think No More Ballads is one of the more interesting b-sides in this rate, but that doesn't say much I guess.
    Ray I honestly can't remember anything about this. *playing it* I keep forgetting it as it's playing.
    This is how I feel when I listen to Legacy.
  12. Oh, You´ll get over it!
  13. Ray



    very interesting but overlong

    labour of love


    'The way through the woods'

    B-side to 'Winner'
    Average: 5,372
    Highest score: 1x9,5 (@blissteria)
    Lowest score: 1x0 (@Sweet Music)

    Neil This is from our unrealised project to set poems to music for schools, for schoolchildren to sing. I don't quite know what that was all about. We started work on two others: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and Thoughts Are Free which is the German poem Die Gedanken sind frei. But this uses The Way Through the Woods by Rudyard Kipling. I wrote the music very quickly on the piano – I guess we had nothing to do that day.
    Ray @Sweet Music IS NEIL.
    Neil I've absolutely no idea why we chose this poem. But I think I then imagined us writing a suite of eight poems set to music that school choirs could sing. We'd have probably given them "Hold on' as part of it.
    Ray What have the poor children done to deserve THAT?!
    Neil Andrew Dawson really liked this, so he worked on it, and mixed it. The Waters family are on it, and it's got an orchestral arrangement.
    Chris And a kitchen sink or two. This is Neil's Julie Andrews voice. You wouldn't think he was from Newcastle, listening to this.
    Neil It was going to be the last track on the album at one point. After we returned from Los Angeles we added a long intro and made it into a rather atmospheric track where someone's going into the woods and you can hear them breathing.
    Chris It's a bit Blair Witch Project.
    Neil It's exactly that.

    Ray This is gorgeous, you philistines! I gave it a 9 because of that breathing – it's quite irritating, really – but... poor gorgeous wonderful atmospheric beauty that ended up with what is clearly a demo vocal, when compared to Elysium vocals. To add insult to injury, it became a B-side to 'WIENER' of all songs...! This one would fit on Alternative which is not something I could say about most of their B-sides from this period. If it replaced 'Everything means something' (or... 'Winner') on the album, I would possibly be much more fond of Elysium. Finally a B-side that is way better than its A-side and what do you bunch do? Kick it out before top 80. I also happen to adore this poem. So well done (not), everyone. *seething in a corner*

    @nostalgiakills (9): I abhor Kipling’s vile jingoistic nonsense, and yet he was enough of an artist to come up with this beautiful text, and the Boys excel themselves with this setting of it. Exactly the kind of thing I wish they’d do more of (i.e. musically stretching, rather than a reversion to the dancefloor mean).
    @WhipperSnapper (4): An expensive trifle. Rudyard Kipling, a gospel choir and a full orchestra for what is, ultimately, a very strange and meandering song.
    @DominoDancing (4): Some points for the old-school Hollywood orchestration that comes in after a while, but altogether this is a rather clumsy attempt at adapting the poem. Melodically, there's nothing memorable here, and it's overall not as evocative as they probably thought it was.
    @nanafan (4): OK but a bit dull. Glad I didn’t shell out for the Japanese version to get this but it’s better than half of the album
    @TrendyMüller (9): The Winner single was not without merit after all
    @JakeMagnus (2): Forgettable
    @Jóga (7): I have a feeling people will like this more than I do. It’s undeniably very interesting but overlong.
    @Sally_Harper (1) This song really creeps me out.
    @Bleu Noir (3): just don't get this but it sounds like a labour of love production-wise

    The long version:

    The edit:

    I decided to slightly update the spreadsheet and kick out @Sweet Music's 11 next.
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  14. This is getting really, really ridiculous y´all!
  15. Awww c'mon I gave this a 7.4, one of the better b-sides to me
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  16. Imagining a choir of children singing this, followed by Hold On, is enough to give me PTSD. But, at least Neil realizes those two songs go the dumper.
  17. Love the atmosphere and melody of this one, and I love how it seamlessly transforms into something a bit sinister. Pretty experimental for the boys, but that's what I love about it. I don't know the Kipling poem it's based on, but I believe it's about the challenge of living one's life without theology/religion?
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  18. Ray


    I just imagined a choir of children singing "hold ooooooon, there's got to be a future" and realised this could have been even worse. Cheese factory.
  19. That moment when we were all Neil.
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  20. Wuuuut?? I gave this a 9!

    I'm absolutely here for how unique it is in their discography.
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