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PSB3: Pet Shop Boys rate, 2006-2019. You're the winner! I'm the winner! What's the winner?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ray, Mar 18, 2019.


What is your favourite section of this rate?

  1. Fundamental

    14 vote(s)
  2. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  3. Elysium

    3 vote(s)
  4. Electric

    11 vote(s)
  5. Super

    3 vote(s)
  6. Agenda

    3 vote(s)
  7. Others

    1 vote(s)
  8. Christmas

    0 vote(s)
  1. @Future Lover You might to explain this in a bit more depth for me...
  2. Wow i never thought Id have been the lowest scorer
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  3. @nostalgiakills Basically, sum of all of your scores for all tracks was 668, while the sum of all averages for all tracks was 666.8. Therefore, you were very close, summation-wise, which means you overscored and underscored in equal measure e.g. underscoring three songs by one, but overscoring one song by three.

    Ugh, even I hate math sometimes!
  4. Thanks for that!
  5. Ray


    Lemme quickly lower a few scores so you can recount the sum of averages...
  6. Here are my comments on the top 2:

    'Leaving' was also a contender for my 11. I also adore the lyrics and the music, especially the two brilliant musical middle eights referencing New Order and 'Heart'. It's not perfect, however. The fadeout needs to be much longer, which is why I think the ending of the 'Believe in PSB mix' is an improvement. Other than that, all the PSB remixes are indeed inferior: they all ditch the Hooky bit, add the cheesy and generic "believe in" bit, and the rap in the 'Side by side remix' sounds like it was delivered by a lecherous monster. Also, 'Leaving' was released in 2012 at the height of the loudness war, which sadly also affects its chorus. Listening to it on headphones isn't a pleasant experience since the vocal's sibilants are too loud (the verses in Saint Etienne's 'Last Days Of Disco', also from 2012, are even worse in that respect). Apart from that, I feel the same way about 'Leaving' as expressed in the following of your comments:

    I don't have anything to add to the following comments on 'Love etc.' (mainly because it's flawless):
    Even though I did some nitpicking with 'Leaving', I would have preferred it to win the rate as I hold it closer to my heart. I also second @Ray's observation that it would have been great if both the worst and best rated song came from Elysium.

    Thank you, @Ray and @Future Lover for making this rate happen. And thanks to everyone else who commented. It was an enjoyable, suspenseful, informative, and occasionally irritating ride.
  7. When @Future Lover mentioned some days ago that I was the biggest contrarian of this rate, I was still thinking that he was kidding somewhow (...ok, who am I kidding, I knew this rate was doomed when #100 was announced).
    Considering these numbers, I´m surprised that I´m only disaggreeing with 5 out of 10 songs in the top 10.

    I´m happy that Love, etc. won over Leaving. Popjustice served!
    It´s their most daring and adventurous pop song since...well, I don´t know. Is it possible, that it´s actually their most daring and adventurous pop song ever?
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  8. Thank you, @Ray and @Future Lover for running a great rate. I loved the commentary and wit throughout. I think the wrong track won but it just shows how varied their later output is and that it appeals to everyone differently
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  9. Ray


    Aaah, I definitely prefer this over 'how crap their later output is'! Thank you.
  10. Last but not least, I want to thank @Ray for being a terrific companion in all of this. It was a enjoyable little rollercoaster, this rate. The songs are all in the wrong order, of course, but it was a blast! The artworks alone were brilliant from elimination to elimination, and in combination with the previous two rates, it's a masterwork. Once again, a big round of applause for this charming man.
  11. Thank you @Ray and @Future Lover for hosting this great rate, providing a lot of insight, details, great artwork, humour and suspense!
    Although I'm a bit disappointed that my 11 did not make the Top 10, I'm happy with the Top 3 - my average is 10,0 for these three tracks!
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  12. Ray


    OK, I think it's time...

    Two pieces of news:

    1. There's still PSB4: Collaborations if people are interested. I've made a tentative list:

    Liza Minnelli – I want you now
    Liza Minnelli – Losing my mind
    Liza Minnelli – If there was love
    Liza Minnelli – So sorry, I said
    Liza Minnelli – Don't drop bombs
    Liza Minnelli – Twist in my sobriety
    Liza Minnelli – Rent
    Liza Minnelli – Love pains
    Liza Minnelli – Tonight is forever
    Liza Minnelli – I can't say goodnight
    Dusty Springfield – In private
    Dusty Springfield – Daydreaming
    Dusty Springfield – Nothing has been proved
    Dusty Springfield – I want to stay here
    Dusty Springfield – Occupy your mind (my 11)
    Shirley Bassey – The performance of my life
    Tina Turner – Confidential
    Kylie Minogue – Falling
    Cicero – That loving feeling
    Cicero – Heaven must have sent you back to me
    Cicero – My middle-class life
    Cicero – Love is everywhere
    Cicero – Live for today
    Electronic – Getting away with it
    Electronic – Patience of a saint
    Electronic – Disappointed
    Boy George – The crying game
    Eighth Wonder – I'm not scared
    Robbie Williams – We're the Pet Shop Boys
    Robbie Williams – No regrets
    Robbie Williams – I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
    Robbie Williams + Pet Shop Boys – She's Madonna
    Robbie Williams – There are bad times around the corner
    David Bowie + Pet Shop Boys – Hallo Spaceboy
    Alcazar – Love Life
    Absolutely Fabulous – Absolutely Fabulous
    Miyuki Motegi – All or nothing
    Sander Van Doorn, Robbie Williams – Close my eyes
    Pet Shop Boys, Elton John – Believe (Song for Guy)
    Morten Harket – Listening
    Blur – Girls and Boys (Pet Shop Boys remix)
    Stop Modernists – Subculture (feat. Chris Lowe)
    Sam Taylor-Wood – I'm in love with a German film star
    Girls Aloud – The Loving Kind
    Jean Michel-Jarre – Brick England
    Pretenders feat. Neil Tennant – Let's get lost
    The Collaboration – Break 4 Love
    Pete Burns – Jack & Jill Party
    Frances Barber – Mongrel
    Frances Barber – Soup
    Frances Barber – Run, girl, run
    Frances Barber – Ich bin Musik
    Frances Barber – Friendly fire
    Frances Barber – For every moment

    2. This list will definitely be discussed and refined, but not by me, because I am leaving (happysad) the forum.

    I've been feeling increasingly uncomfortable here – here as in the forums in general, not this thread, of course. I have limited my presence on the forum to this thread in the last months, rarely popping elsewhere to discover that, yup, still no place for me really. No names, it's not anybody's fault, it's not you, it's me, etc. I follow Mark Manson's advice, there is information that's valuable and junk information; there is information that makes you feel better and information that makes you feel worse. Without dissecting the percentage of valuable vs junk, a lot of posts in the last year or so have been making me feel worse. I come here for escapism, or rather used to – now after reading posts in various threads I end up needing escapism from that. Instead of making me feel better, participating in the forum made me feel worse and Gods know I don't need that.

    I think the last drop for me was when Peter himself posted, saying that he would like everybody to feel comfortable here, and was ignored. I can't expect the forum to adapt to me, that's not how communities work, so I am moving on.

    No further comments will be given at this long-awaited (by me) time.

    I'm not saying I'm leaving forever, especially if someone (I think @slurmjunkie or @Future Lover would do a stellar job) picks PSB4. Feel free to hit me up using the links below, just let me know what your PJ username is. I'll hang around until Saturday or so before I go. In case you're reading this after Saturday, thanks so much for being here, especially but not only if you took part in the rates.

    It's gonna be alright (aaalright), 'cause the music plays forever.
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  13. I'd love a PSB4 !

    It's funny because I left the forum 2 or 3 years ago and it's you, Ray, who is leaving today, that made me come back again here for the PSB3. So now that it's over, I'll go back to my PJForum-free life (Life is peaceful there)... and come back again if Dusty or Liza needs my help in another epic rate.
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  14. I am super, super sad that you'll be leaving the forum. Especially as the three PSB rates you hosted were among the most enjoyable experiences on here. However, I do understand your point. If the forum is not a source of happiness for you anymore (and it sounds like it's become the opposite), you have to do what's right for you well-being. But if there'll be a PSB4 (I'd be delightes to take part again), it would be awesome to have you back for that.
  15. Nonononono, NO! @Ray
    You ARE the PJ Forum for me! Not only your PSB Marathon rate, but also all the other rates you hosted and that you made so special.
    I hardly follow any other threads here and I´m quite good at filtering the noise from stupid people (tm), so I´m a bit shocked to hear that some parts of these forums make you feel uneasy.
    don´t make me cry
    instead let´s make
    have a
    and let´s dance to some
    to escape the
  16. Cheap Polish Beer and Sub Kylie Shit are better titles than Dreamland (and the four others too by the way).
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  17. @Ray We'll miss you. Thank you for all your hard work and for making these rates such a joy x
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  18. Ray


    I would LOVE Pet Shop Boys to record a song called 'Sub-Kylie shit'.

    Thank you for all the kind words (and your avatar, @TrendyMüller – I am super touched!). I've made this discussion a few months ago, though. I could have put more work and time into this rate, to be honest. So I can leave on a high-ish note.
  19. After this rate it needed to be called Subpar Kylie Shit
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  20. Neil, we all know you read this. You already wrote She's Madonna. Sub Kylie Shit would be a good addition to your Pop Chronicles.

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