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Pure Shores fuck it up (Marlene + Ji Nilsson)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by A&E, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. This is fucking incredible.
  2. Wow! I am crying. Their songwriting is impeccable.
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  3. Obsessed with the thread title (and their latest releases).
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The way I’ve become obsessed with Back On My Love. It’s such a smooth banger.
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  5. So glad that I found this thread. Every song I've heard has literally left me open mouthed. My first pop
    discovery of the year.
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  6. Don’t miss out on their earlier collaborations and respective solo work!

  7. Every single one of these are 11/10.

    Also I miss solo Marlene
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  8. Thanks. I'll check their work out.

    I'm a fan of Noonie by the way. My favourite is 'Criminal Love.'
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  9. A recommendation from Island is all I need to give a song a spin. Back On My Life is incredible.
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  10. I just discovered Back On My Love has an extended mix on Spotify and as if the song wasn't a 10/10 enough, the little additions and adlibs drive me absolutely insane. Looking forward to In My Dreams!
  11. Song is a bop. The cover art reads as if the brunette is a lesbian elementary school teacher who administered a science test, and the blonde is a mother who has been told their child failed the exam despite studying together for hours the evening prior.
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  12. Another one in the basket


    I hope the momentum and playlisting keep going. It would be amazing to get a full album out at some point and see them do a festival circuit, etc. I'm still hammering Back On My Love and the rest of their singles regularly.
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  13. In My Dreams is absolutely superb. A moody banger. I've been devouring Back On My Love. It's actually done quite well on Spotify which is nice to see.

    What is the thread title about though? Dd. Maybe this could be moved into Pop?
  14. Scream. Would love to read your thoughts on Ji's debut album cover.
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  15. Edu


    The extended mix of Back On My Love is just heaven, the intro alone is already magical.

    pure... shores...
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