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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lutz, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. I couldn’t find a threat for this .. Hypnotized has become an obsession lately and gets more addictive with every listen. It’s Popjustice Song of the year and it’s mine too
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  2. New single Fireworks with The Knocks is amazing.
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  3. Sooo in love with his music.

    Emotion is still the one for me, the amount of times I've replayed this track.

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  4. He is great. He should think about doing an album, one of the best producers out there with SG Lewis and has a chance of start working with mainstream artists.
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  5. Latest bop and it's out now:

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  6. I stan Fireworks so much.
  7. tea


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  8. The new single from Purple Disco Machine featuring Eyelar is incredible. What a banger. There is nothing this man will release that I will not eat up.

    Alongside the release of his newest record ‘Dopeamine’ with Eyelar, Purple Disco Machine details his album Exotica due for release on Friday 15th October 2021.


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  9. The lady on the album cover is giving me Janet Ellis from Blue Peter (ie. Sophie Ellis Bextor’s mum) teas. And maybe a bit of Carol Vorderman.
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  10. It does look like a young Janet Ellis.
    There’s a Purple Disco Machine mix of Sophie’s Groovejet that’s to be released soon. I wish they collaborate some day.
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  11. What.

    Lemme strap in.
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  12. You can hear the remix at the beginning of this radio show and it's absolutely everything I wanted it to be:

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  13. It’s a proper banger! I cannot wait for it.
  14. I've played Dopamine over a dozen times on repeat! I'm obsessed with it.
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  15. That is my top played song of all time on Spotify. I still remember when it came on in Ibiza.
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  16. Album is an absolute winner for me. There’s nothing I’d skip, some really beautiful strings dotted throughout, wonderful production flourishes… this is quality pop music.
  17. The first song is oustanding. That's how you do disco.
  18. This album is an absolute tit-ripper. Fucking hell.

    Can't Get Enough and I Remember are fantastique. J'adore.
  19. Oooh this is how you do a disco album. Quality stuff. Fireworks remains a 10/10.
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