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PVA - BLUSH (out in October on Ninja Tune)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Jul 31, 2022.

  1. Hero Man sounds like Silver Eye era Goldfrapp meets Marie Davidson.
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  5. I'm living for the early 00s electroclash-ness of some of it. Sometimes all I need is an aloof female vocal over a cold synth and electronic beat and I'm good!

  6. Yeah, I only ever heard "Untethered" before this and the Mura Masa remix of "Talks" but this has blown me away and quickly become one of my faves of the year after one listen.
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  7. 'Bad Dad' was a discovery of mine last week...I'm obsessed? The LADYTRON-ness of it all!
    Love seeing a thread on here for a random discovery of mine, I'm going to check out the album!
  8. On a very similar note...
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  9. Ordered the EP and album on vinyl last night!
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  10. Can't eat, can't sleep


    Can't go to work, I can't leave

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    Not to knock on Nymph (much) but this album is everything I wanted Nymph to be.
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  12. I can't stop listening to this. What a perfectly formed li'l debut?
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  13. I've been catching up with Jools Holland and these guys really grabbed me. About time we had an electroclash revival.
  14. Touring this spring!

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  15. I need to give it another listen. I really like the music but the main singer has an unpleasant timbre.
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