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PVRIS - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, May 1, 2017.

  1. The brilliant Electrorock trio have finally returned after the release of their stellar debut album 'White Noise' with the announcement of their second album 'All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell'.
    Due August 4th.


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  2. I've heard a couple of songs from the album and they're pretty good. Excited to hear the rest.
  3. I need to relisten to White House.
  4. The new song is solid. Excited to get the album.
  5. New song and music video 'What's Wrong'

  6. 2014

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    Oooooh I really like this!
  7. Totally addicted to these after being let down with new Paramore. The new single is incredible.
  8. Just came in to say that I normally hate that Paramore-esque sound but What's Wrong is a massive bop.

    Gonna go back and give White Noise a listen. I'm digging the mashup of atmsopheric electropop-esque sound scapes with their alt rock sound.
  9. A new song called 'Half' is up on iTunes and it's great!
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  10. My prbolem with the new songs are that they are all okay, but nothing blowing me away.
  11. All three have been a bit of a let down so far. Their debut was one of my most anticipated of that year, so I'm shocked nothing's doing much for me. I stopped halfway through "Half," and have only listened to the other two a couple of times. I usually hate this criticism, but the songs all sound the same.
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  12. I agree that White Noise was a little more instant, I mean St Patrick is a rather underrated bop.
    But I think this album carries more weight, it feels darker and I'm a sucker for that
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  13. I do really like the visuals so far. I'm going to listen to the album definitely, as it might all come together when I have a complete body of work to dive into.
  14. Tracklist;

    1. Heaven
    2. Half
    3. Anyone Else
    4. What's Wrong
    5. Walk Alone
    6. Same Soul
    7. Winter
    8. No Mercy
    9. Separate
    10. Nola 1
  15. Last song before the album!
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  16. Ok I actually love this and it's made me do a total 180 on the rest of the songs. Forgive me Pvris...
  17. The train has arrived a week early.
  18. I like most of it, but at the beginning of one of them she is properly mumbling.
  19. 'What's Wrong', 'Winter' and 'Anyone Else' are all 10/10 and exactly what I want now Paramore have dropped the ball.Very, very excited for this.
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