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PVRIS - Fourth Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. After an arduous campaign for the "Use Me" era (Multiple album delays and Alex Babinski's removal from the lineup), Lynn and Brian are already kicking off the next era for PVRIS as a duo.
    Joined by Royal & The Serpent, they will be doing a small US tour to debut three brand new songs, with a single to follow either during or soon after.


    Some fans are calling for a return to the haunting electronic rock sound of White Noise, some for the ice cold pop rock of AWKOHAWNOH, and the rest for more wall-to-wall bangers that we got from the Hallucinations/Use Me eras.
    What are you hoping for?
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  2. 2014

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    Ooh exciting! Their last album was great but not quite on par to All We Know...! Dead Weight, Hallucinations and Wish You Well were my particular standouts, but What's Wrong is still their best song.
  3. I wouldn’t mind a mix between the second (!!!) and third albums or something new.
  4. Chicago sold out? Dammit.
    Anyways- VERY ready for new music from them. The Use Me release was sooo drawn out.
    Not sure what kind of sound I want them to go for. I love the electronic stuff, and I love the more rock type sounds. Anything I can sing along with i'm all for.
  5. I need that icy industrial vibe they were going for on What’s Wrong and Winter, that entire album is great.
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  6. Looks like they're going dark for this album; new Instagram page named "Sweat Blvvd Tears" (Possible album title) is carrying some darksided vibes and I'm here for it.

    I'm assuming the captions are song titles from the album.

  7. The website linked has like... weird audio clips that sound like little instrumental snippets? Hard to tell.
  8. IV. Homicide
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  10. The last minute of the song is my favorite. Not sure I really care for the chorus though. It's a bit shouty, I wish it was a bit more sing-y. But I guess that's just personal preference.
  11. I don't think I like it.
  12. Loving the new track.

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