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PWL / SAW Soundalikes

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Inspired by @ohnoitisnathan posting the iconic Karen and Chelle - Sugar Daddy video over in the SAW Gold thread, I thought this would be a good place to share our favourite late 80s/early 90s HiNRG and Eurobeat songs which make you think "I can't believe it's not SAW!"

    Perhaps our Continental cousins or Antipodean allies could post songs that were big hits around the world but failed to trouble the UK charts?

    I love this stuff and would love to discover some amazing "new" flop pop!

    To get the ball rolling here are a few of my favourites

    Think any random solo female or girl group who has appeared on Eurotops in lycra and a puffball skirt!
  2. I can't believe there was a girl band called TROLL. They actually released on PWL Records in Holland.
  3. These two come to mind:

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  4. I love that Ankie Bagger song! Only heard it for the first time last year and it really is like a lost Sonia classic. Good shout on the other track too!

    Any recommendations for other Europop stars like Ankie Bagger would be much appreciated

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  5. Less a soundalike, more of a tribute but still.

    Dead Or Alice's Nude album also sounds like a SAW sound.
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  6. It's probably not what you meant by this thread... but for years (like, until recently) I assumed Mandy's 'Don't You Want Me Baby' was produced by SAW themselves.

    This one too, produced by Daize Washbourn.

    I think 'Venus' is more like this than 'You Spin Me Round'.
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  7. Not really authentic SAW-sounding (probably too low budget), but this was clearly inspired by 'Venus':

    'Home & Away' viewers might recognise this diner jukebox staple from the early years:

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  8. You will enjoy Lili & Sussie, then:

    Ankie Bagger actually became famous after being their backing singer for a while.
    From 87 to 1990 Lili and Sussie released 3 amazing albums.
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  9. Pistol In My Pocket is such a Hit, sounds like Dead or Alive to me.
    The best verison of Paul Lekakis's Boom Boom is the Phil Harding mix. There is a very good rip on DJPaulT's blog.

    Lili & Sussie had some great tracks too. My favourite being this one :
    (not very related to this thread but I find the melody amazing, I'd love to get my hands on the japanese CD instrumental once)

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  10. and the amazing instrumental is also on youtube
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  11. That Dawn French parody song of Sonia's was certainly catchy! Can't find the video. "I'm gonna turn around and count to ten, before I fall in love again". :D
  12. Similarly, This Is The Chorus by Morris Minor & The Majors is scarily accurate.
  13. In a recent interview Sonia said she cried whan she watched that French and Saunders spoof, the poor thing.
  14. This is probably the most SAW-esque Eurovision entry ever (Cyprus 1990):

  15. 'Heartbeat' by Same Difference is what I hoped any SAW reunion would sound like (as oppose to The Sheilas or Josh Dubovie)
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