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PWR BTTM - Answer My Text

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Vasilios, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. PWR BTTM have released a new video for their angst-y anthem “Answer My Text,” a single off of their upcoming sophomore album Pageant. It features Liv Bruce laying on a pink bedspread in a room that screams teenage girl; other scenes show Bruce duct taped to a surface with arms reaching for a phone, eyeliner and magenta lipstick smeared, and dressed in a pink tutu, tied up in the middle of a room.

    PWR BTTM recently performed at SXSW in Austin, and their album Pageant is out May 12 via Polyvinyl Records. Watch their new video below.
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  2. My favourite thing about the video is the presence of both Stevie Nicks and Mr Burns. All my idols.

    The song is great. The band is great. I bought tickets to see them on a whim a few months back and since then everything I've seen from them has made me like them more, so it looks set to have been a wise investment.
  3. Potential Next Big Things? Anyone with taste has been listening since Ugly Cherries came out?!

    This has been my anthem for the last 3 weeks though. So good.
  4. Uno


    Awkward moment when my League of Legends screen name is also PWR BTM.
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  5. They shine more when a bit more streamlined sonically from their debut.

    Answer My Text is amazing.
  6. I saw them open for Mitski and Palehound about 2 months after the release of Ugly Cherries...I'm excited to hear the finished versions of some of the new tracks they did
  7. So they're in the news for the worst reason possible today - turns out one of them is a serial sexual assaulter! Cue hysteria from queer teens and college students with internet access everywhere. I can't say I'm surprised.
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  8. The singer?
  9. The photo of him smiling in front of a swastika in the sand is also back to haunt them
  10. Not to be THAT person but the news is that there've been allegations. I'd be careful throwing around "they are x y z" but yes. There are serious stories cropping up and that's incredibly unfortunate news for all involved really.

    The swastika photo (not that I've seen it) is...negligible, surely? People take dumb photos in front of controversial shit all the time. It's also 5 years old. The actual issue is regarding the abuse claims. But I guess people like to pile it all on when something like this appears.
  11. I think it's clear from their press release that there is something going on, though. Setting up a mediator (working for the band anyway?) and promising to address the accusations with "accountability" is… well.
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  12. Quite possibly. I also suspect they, being as tuned in as they are, were aware of allegations being made and prepared. And also (regardless of all this...) they've been seen to be very post-tumblr generation in their awareness of to talk, all that. Ironic of course if this is in fact, unfrotunately...true. Their message earlier read like it was giving everyone room to talk as opposed to denying or confirming anything.

    Though as if I'd want to send anything to that email account if I were an abuse victim...
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  13. Yeah, I definitely am… increasingly uncomfortable… with the "they sexually assaulted people and also let's look at shitty Facebook posts they made in 2010!" thing, but this is youth culture now.
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  14. All of their opening acts pulled out of the tour and they lost 2 touring members of the band today. This happened crazy fast
  15. Their album also came out today.

    {bops in guilty}

  16. Their management dropped them.
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  17. The situation has just made me incredibly sad, especially being a huge fan of the Big Scary Monsters label.
  18. An interview came out on Jezebel with one of the women he allegedly raped. She says they knew of the allegations and their statement was a lie. Pitchfork also reports they pulled the plug on their record release show tonight
  19. Jesus Christ. Their career has imploded, overnight, the week they were about to launch the record that'd take them onto the next level. It's been astonishing/terrifying watching this play out.

    I can only hope it feels like some kind of justice, however small, for the alleged victim/s.
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