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PWR BTTM - Answer My Text

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Vasilios, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. I find myself surprisingly glad their careers are over! I suspect you'll see a lot of this going forward, particularly in queer/DIY scenes. Their behavior is not exceptional, though (for now) the response to it has been.
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  2. From Polyvinyl:

  3. It feels awful to say, but I'm actually surprised they got dropped so quickly? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that decisive action has been taken, but the rapidity of it (especially in comparison to something like the ongoing Kesha trial) has taken me by surprise.
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  4. I guess this is the kind of world we're living in now though: it's trial by social media, and if you're not seen to respond quickly or appropriately enough then you'll have the weight of a thousand twitter and tumblr warriors calling for your boycott. That's absolutely not to take away from the seriousness of this issue and the allegations, but the sheer scale and speed that this has played out has much to do with the way media and social media plays off each other nowadays. It felt larger than normal because they were in release week for an album that was looking to take them into the big league.

    It's also partly to do with the way PWR BTTM positioned themselves: as advocates of inclusiveness and 'safe space' and using that kind of language, when it's found out that you're actually not living by that, then it's absolutely just desserts when it comes around to bite you on the arse.
  5. As the music is being slowly taken down off sites (really...?) I ordered the album from a secondary seller on CD. I wanted their album before and I want it now. If I can stomach hearing Chris Brown blasted at me I can deal with enjoying the music (for now) of these two. For now. Shame Ben is (most likely) a creep eh.
  6. Yeah, all their music has been wiped from most streaming services (the new album and old projects) and the label has contact Spotify, the only service their music is up on still, to take it down. As well, their VEVO has been almost wiped clean.

    I appreciate that this has been handled quickly, but a little uncomfortable that non-queer acts don't see similar reaction and the gender essentialists going on and on about how this is yet another case of "MALE RAPISTS!!!". TERFS can... go away.
  7. This happened so fast, meanwhile Dr. Luke still has a job. It makes me sick that this was handled so quickly and they weren't even that well known. But one of pop's biggest names is stuck in legal hell with someone who allegedly raped her?
  8. Clearly it's because this is (was?) an LGBT-affiliated group so the response had to be clear and swift, as the community has an image on sexual boundary issues to maintain.

    When this happens in het-male spaces (thinking of: Dr. Luke; Michael Gira of Swans) the response is much more mixed if not apologetic towards the alleged rapists, there's a lot of male resentment towards rape claims. The notion that their music should be taken off the market would never pop into anyone's imagination as a sensible thought.
  9. I'm sorry if I sounds like ignorant, but are these accusations already proven ?
  10. No, though the leader of the online mob (the person who wrote the original facebook post) claims to have witnessed the predatory behavior personally. (Thinking on it, her zeal for the destruction of their career gives me weird vibes, but that's for another time.)

    It seems to me that what forced this particular outcome, and also what makes these accusations ring true, was not the accusations themselves, but the fact that everyone involved learned about this months ago. The opening acts, for example, had been warned about Ben's behavior but chose to go on tour with them anyway. So once people started talking on Friday, everyone lost the option to pretend to react to this news as though it were new – except PWR BTTM themselves, who had already been caught in the lie.
  11. I'm not defending them, but it's still weird to see their music is being deleted completely while the accusation itself still not proven to be true

    Also the opening acts should have explained where they get this rumor come from, not just leaving the band get the hate
  12. I mean, that's exactly what they did, when they finally dropped out of the tour. It was apparently from someone who had been assaulted by Ben:

    The response (from Polyvinyl, T-Rextasy, etc) seems swift, but it is actually delayed, if you consider the fact that it seems like everyone knew about it already. Publicly breaking ties with them is a performative gesture aimed at protecting their reputations, not a punitive gesture toward the band.
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  13. Oh I see, thank you for the explanation !
  14. I was going to post this exactly. It's really disturbing. I mean to go as far as delete their music from everywhere? And this based only on allegations? The fact that the supposed anti-semitism accusations are mixed with the abuse claims is off too, I mean they couldn't be less related.
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  15. Yeah. I hope there's real discourse about the way this has essentially wiped their promising career away, while other alleged abusers and known beaters of women have millions still coming in as a result of their unharmed music careers, not to even mention the idea of back catalogue erasure...

    I'm gonna buy the first album too. I'm not apologetic about enjoying a lot of the music. Even if one half abused their power in an awful way.
  16. pdf


    In the queer arena, I'm pretty sure their behaviour is exceptional.

    It's absolutely correct that they have been dropped by everyone concerned. Plus, they were a piddling little indie band who have probably cost far more than they ever made, which would have made the decision a lot easier.

    Dr Luke, Chris Brown et al don't get dropped cos they bring in the $$$$.
  17. Doubt it. Very much. I'll leave it there.
  18. (Yeah, I forgot to mention that it was easy probably because they are an upcoming act. Would the same course of action be taken as robustly and swiftly against an established act like, say, the Scissor Sisters or Hercules & Love Affair? I don't know.)
  19. Well... if we're talking in those terms, where the "gay" band are other to the "straight" band (which seems a bit distasteful when it's a hypothetical political discussion surrounding an alleged crime, but it interests me too) then I'd imagine that a label would see either Scissor Sisters or Hercules & Love Affair as equally disposable (and equally "niche") if it meant protecting their own image.

    When it's Kings Of Leon or Foo Fighters or U2 or The Rolling Stones and the same thing happens?

    Then I suppose we can start recognising true progress in how awful situations are handled...
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