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Queen Jamie Lee Curtis

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by torontodj, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Curtis continues to gain new generations of fans playing Laurie Strode once again in the new Halloween, like she did 20 years ago in H20.

    Still crazy to think she has never been nominated for an Oscar, but with Halloween becoming a box office smash, there is no denying Curtis returning has been a big part of the film's success.

    It's nice to see her getting recognition but we all know she has had a long career of giving consistently strong performances. And, thus, I think it's only appropriate she gets her own thread.

    I became a fan in 1988 thanks to Curtis' performances in A Fish Called Wanda and the underrated drama, Dominick and Eugene. Been a fan since.

    What is your favourite Jamie Lee film/performance? Any stories?

    Love her in this guilty pleasure:

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  2. Other than Laurie Strode, she will ALWAYS, to me, be the warm amazing step mom in My Girl. Such a nothing role really but she brought something to it that really resonated in my tiny ass first seeing the film.
  3. Her and Lilo in Freak Friday is my favorite.
  4. Heh, watched the Veronica Mars movie yesterday and her 5-minutes in that were good. She's always been effortless, right back to the shoddy horror she started in - the way she acts circles around her co-stars in Terror Train is something.

    But I'm most fond of her being herself, so interviews etc. She's candid and realistic, which are great attributes to have.
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  5. Away from horror she’s superb in Trading Places (she won a BAFTA), A Fish Called Wanda, True Lies, Freaky Friday, My Girl, Forever Young and Blue Steel (maybe her best role).
    She’s an icon and I’m so happy Halloween is raking in the money, and smashing records for women above a certain age.
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  6. She's fucking amazing in both A Fish Called Wanda and True Lies.

    Won a Golden Globe for the latter, and should have had an Oscar nomination but got overlooked in favour of a bunch of performances few saw at the time and even fewer remember or care about now.
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  7. I think that only truly applies to Miranda Richardson in Tom & Viv. I'll concede that Jessica Lange's win looked more like a lifetime achievement award but I think Jodie Foster in Nell, Winona Ryder in Little Women and Susan Sarandon in The Client are still remembered and those three movies were hits back in the day.
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