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Queendom 2 (General Discussion)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Vixen, Mar 14, 2022.


Who do you think will win this season of Queendom?

Poll closed May 30, 2022.
  1. LOONA

  2. WJSN

  3. Kep1er

  4. Brave Girls

  5. VIVIZ

  6. Hyolyn

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. No song spoilers for dance yet?
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  2. He


    Ddd poor LOONA.
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  3. Feels like there is an obvious... ploy to alter the rankings dddd.

    Hyolyn being paired with Minyoung feels like a way to make sure that Brave Girls get the full marks for the vocal round (5k), and Eunji being paired with LOONA so BG get the full marks for the dance round (another 5k), which should help alter the rankings no matter how poor they do in the fandora round (technically another 5k points, but with a 10k lead, even if they do poorly in this round due to the lack of votes, they should at the very least end up 5th with the points from the dance and vocal rounds - thus won't be eliminated).

    On the other hand, it feels like there was an attempt to possibly bring Kep1er (instead of Brave Girls) down to the 6th place since they are the closest to that spot now (which shows a potential lack of fanbase support), and thus they're the most intuitive target. The vocal and dance rounds will also not have any global evaluators/votes, so it almost looks like a way to make sure Kep1er and LOONA don't get extra points from that.

    It's all speculation, of course, but the pairings definitely do seem...convenient enough ddd.
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  4. I hope they roll over the 19 votes Eunji got in season 1 despite her not being a contestant
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  5. So the round being filmed today will have global evaluators
  6. Yes. It's the "fandora box" round. So everyone on their own again, 6 performances, a sort of "do what you want" kind of round. Some are expecting covers, others are expecting b-sides, others might do a title track they like and haven't performed yet in neither the intro or first round, etc.

    Since there's global evaluators, we'll have proper leaks for that round, with footage and all.

    It's worth 5k points.

    5k for Vocal and another 5k for Dance from yesterday's recording (strictly audience-based, these two). Total of 15k points for Round 3.

    Also, the Dance round supposedly featured brand new songs recorded by the units.
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  7. So this next episode is basically filler? I’m excited for the dance rounds to be honest and the fandora leaks later
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  8. Possibly even the next two? At least one, that's for sure.

    They'll make the new units, show the rehearsing from all the units, how they bonded, feature the SWF crew, etc.

    Episode 10 is the finale. Episode 8 and 9 should be given to the fandora box + results portion of Round 3. By that logic, I'm assuming episode 6 and 7, or potentially just 7 will be the Dance and Vocal rounds. Meaning that, yeah Episode 5 (this week) and possibly Episode 6 (next week) are ""fillers"".
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  10. Very happy Hyolyn picked her best song

    …and yet another missed opportunity for Brave Girls
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  11. Also saw this:

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  12. He


    Im glad some of the choreo for that LOONA song will get a mainstream moment. Talent.
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  13. This would be so much worse

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  14. Full spoilers about the performances:

    Kep1er - SNSD's The Boys cover
    - Dark forest theme, with the girls wearing capes at the start
    - The remix is giving
    - Works to their strengths - which is their dancing
    - They sounded really good too, though. Surprised at how much vocal parts Dayeon is getting, but otherwise Chaehyun does her thing
    - Much much much better than their first two rounds, like EASILY.
    - Dance break, but weirdly one of the weaker dancing points of the performance, but could be because they're dancing much harder throughout the entire performance?
    - Honestly...if they have the support in the audience, and Taeyeon fans are voting for them because SNSD.........this could be top 3.

    Viviz - Bop Bop
    - Cute concept : popular high-scool girls, fanfare thing with male dancers dressed as football players
    - Fun little electro dancebreak, Umji first, then SinB
    - Umji's hair looks great, she's a redhead now?
    - It reminded me a little (just a little) of Lovelyz's Cameo performance.
    - It's fresh and cute.

    WJSN - Pantomime
    - Jazzy kind-of concept, sort of show-girl concept? The girls starts all in black, wearing overcoats, hats, etc. "It's showtime!" screen, yknow the vibes.
    - They change into pink-feather-y dresses.
    - Lots of stage and screen effects, like magic tricks and what not.
    - The hour glass..........................girls
    - Chair choreography
    - Bora is finally there for anyone that cares about that dddd
    - Couple dances with the back-up dancers
    - Wind-up dolls section
    - Big confettis explosion for the final chorus, feels like a huge 1920/30s party.

    LOONA - Butterfly
    - People said Goddesses theme, but honestly...not really? They're wearing flowy pastel beige outfits, as they often do for Butterfly, that's all dddd.
    - 'To All The LOONAs around the world' kind of concept, I think. Haseul narrates a bunch of stuff. Feels like a loveletter to people who really enjoyed LOONA's Butterfly era, with the teasers and all that.
    - Huge moon in the back
    - Lots of dancers
    - Seems a bit more ethereal in the verses?
    - Quite a bit of a modified choreo, even if some bits remain the same. I don't think the aired performance does justice to the choreo, but the audience are seeing the full thing, so it could work out either way.
    - Spider-webs prop thingy : LOONA (butterflies) stuck in webs kind of concept
    - Small ballet portion during the bridge?
    - Trust fall from Choerry, she lets herself fall into the back-up dancers
    - Each drop has a slight different remix in comparison to the original. The last chorus kinda goes harder in the remix.

    Brave Girls - Red Sun?
    - VCR intro: they show their backstory a little? Meant to be a look into the past kinda thing, I think? Then, like...let's look forward to the future, I think? Maybe trying to get the emotional votes, I don't know.
    - Music-box theme too for some reason? Reminded me a little of WJSN at that point.
    - They had high heels in their hands at some point, everybody was expecting them to do 'High Heels' I think dddd
    - A bit of a Cinderella-like / Ball-theme edit to the song...which is odd, honestly? I guess it fits the music-box vibes.
    - They wear dresses with a bunch of flowers over them.
    - ....... It's a Brave Girls stage. They did good, but if the other performances didn't please the people, I don't think this one will either?

    Hyolyn - See Sea
    - Starts with a girl in the subway, watching the See Sea MV.
    - Then the subway stops at "bae" station mdfjdfjkdfkjdf
    - They're basically at the beach, and she's a life guard, dressed in red
    - It all looks great, honestly. And she sounds amazing as expected, lots of belting.
    - Dancebreak at the end.
    - She ate, like...again fglfgkljfgklj

    I think Hyolyn and WJSN have this in the bag this round. The only thing I'm wondering is if the WJSN's performance might not look as enticing in-person than it did on the screen? Until the last chorus where things just go really hype, it felt tailored to be an aired performance (which works for global evaluators), but I wonder if the audience was immersed as much as they should be because of that?
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  15. R92


    “Red Sun”?!?! Give “After We Ride” the moment it deserves!
  16. It would’ve been perfect. But as it stands they kinda deserve to be kicked out for that song choice on top of all the other bad decisions they (or whoever’s in charge) have made
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  18. I’m not keeping up with the show but I think Brave Girls did well with MVSK. They didn’t have many options and it’s a challenging song to reimagine.

    But why are they going for those tuxedo/suits looks? It’s not the first time, is it? I don’t think it matches them or their sound.
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    @Vixen unnie, does this mean Brave Girls still have a chance of winning not being in last place? Helpppp, I don’t understand shit!
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  20. This specifically, nope it doesn't mean they have a chance of not being last in Round 3 because all the (music) streams until the finale single are not relevant. For what it's worth, it does mean that they should not do too too terribly for the digital score of the final single, though - so that's great! LOONA can't relate for example x

    For Round 3, however, they're solely relying on Hyolyn scoring them the full marks (or at least 2nd place) on the vocal round (total of 5k points), and LOONA scoring them the full marks on the dance round (another total of 5k points). Then, no matter how poor they do on the fandora round (which is only another 5k points, technically less than the other full-group performances that we've had in the previous weeks), they should have enough of a lead for them *not* to be placed at 6th again.
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