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♔♔ QUEENS OF R&B / HIP-HOP ♔♔ [More eliminations as we near the Top #60!]

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. I hope y'all ain't forgetting the extras aka the wild cards.

    All 112 songs are mandatory. Imagine if Motivation or Maybe won the whole thing.
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  2. Maybe or Motivation winning would not be a bad thing. Same to Tink and Rihanna.
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  3. A Beyonce song winning would be travesty. Everything else I do not know. I will probably participate just because 50/50 out of this and still need to discover Tinashe (never listened to her). But I also have strong feeling I will be the lowest rater for many tracks here
  4. If this rate opens you up to the world of Tinashe, then at least I've done one thing right on here.
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  5. The extras are a great inclusion @allyshone. Some great picks, a couple are certainly in the running for my 11.
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  6. Only just hearing about this rate and I'm READY. Let me score these real quick.
  7. Bated Breath or Cold Sweat?
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  8. I'm excited to re-listen to 4 after a few years.

    Also, y'all better not fuck this up and unjustly rate Mariah's album. It's actually becoming one of my favorites from her and the only clunker is Meteorite at a stretch. VOTE WISELY. (And throw your 11's to Faded, Cry or Money).
  9. So here for this being my first rate! I'm relieved we're rating Ciara instead of Jackie because it would've been a real struggle for me to not give Jackie (B.M.F) my 11 and can instead gift it to the Beyonce/Nicki song I feel deserves it.

    *sees I Luh Ya Papi is featured*

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  10. Or 2 On. Or Bet. Or Aquarius. Or Pretend.

    You will have to wait and see. #soon
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  11. Let me start stanning so fucking hard for this rate!

    I'm going to need everyone to throw 10's at Tamar. Just FYI.
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  12. Getting my life to I Was Here.

    Upon further reflection, I think 4 and self-titled go head to head as far as being equally amazing. Rather Die Young is clearing my head of any follicle of hair too.

    Dance for You... this is like re-listening to the album for the first time all over again. OH MY GOD.
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  13. Dance For You is Rocket done right.
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  14. I wasn't aware Wamables existed until just now. What on Earth is a wamable? And frankly after curiously googling the meaning of Truffle Butter after Pinkprint there's no way I'm trusting Nicki again.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    4 is clearly the weakest album here, but it's still solid.

    End Of Time should be top 5.
  16. I Care to win, obviously.
  17. Seen as I said this thread would be a celebration of our R&B / Hip-Hop girls... i'm gonna post a song each day (which isn't included in the rate) in the run up to the rate that just shows why these ladies are the best.

    Starting with our favourite newbie:

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  18. I'm 100% participating in this. R&B is my favorite genre and often gets overlooked on this forum, besides when Janet or Bey pop up. Too bad Jazmine Sullivan didn't release "Let It Burn" as a single... It's top 2 material.

    P.S. I'm fucking cackling at Mariah's face in the introductory photo.
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  19. I was quietly hoping to see Ecstasy pop up in the extras. It would have been an easy 10 from me.
  20. BML


    She didn't? They play it all the time on a station here.

    I actually would've loved to see Reality Show here a sort of introductory inclusion because it could easily hold its own against these albums.
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